"The Case for Christ" Movie Review

I love David wood he is a genius I would really love to hang out with him.

Which Ben Hur? The Modern one or the 50s one?

One of the few Christian films I appreciate. I still believe it bases on the fallacy of composition. However, not a bad film overall.

Try watching the series of >>> the chosen<<<💯

I won’t name the airline… rofl


Such a dumb movie, 500 hundred people saw Jesus oh ok that’s enough evidence to prove anything to anyone, I’m so convinced


Why don’t we have muslim movies??
Why don’t we have a Mohammad movie???

Those impressions are Hysterical !

Watch breakthrough and miracles from heaven

I actually liked this movie… Most Christain movies are not good…

You spoiled the end!!!

I love this movie

William lane Craig accent is perfect! JAJAJJA

I agree Christian movies on the whole really suck but there are some good ones. This is one of them.

Such a great movie!

This is 3 years ago but David was hilarious in imitating apologists

In the movie Lee strobel interviewed William lane Craig through phone. But in the book, he actually interviewed him personally face to face.

Lol! Great movie review. I saw it years ago and have been thinking lately on buying it for my collection.

So, Dr. David have you seen the series The Chosen. Free streaming at their ap, wherever you get yours, or on YouTube. Season 1 had been done fur nearly a year and they are wrapping up filming Season 2, hoping for release this spring.

Would like to hear your take on it.

I am going to die lauging…:rofl::rofl: