The Corruption of the Quran According to Islamic Sources

Muslims often claim that the Qur’an has been perfectly preserved from the time it was revealed to Muhammad. History tells a completely different story, however. According to some of Islam’s most trusted sources, entire chapters of the Qur’an were lost, large sections of chapters were lost, and individual verses were lost. Indeed, according to Muhammad’s wife Aisha, verses of the Qur’an were once lost because a sheep ate the only copy! Needless to say, there is a wide gulf between Muslim beliefs and actual facts.

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Brothers of the Truth
These Muslims call are text corrupt with no evidence.
I say so them , you say the Tora ( old testament ) and the bible ( new testament) are corrupt, but do you not think Jesus would have made this clear to those people of that time. Infact , in the bible this very topic comes up and Jesus sais " I have not come to take away from you that of which Moses has brought down for you. I have come to fulfill my fathers will "

He is only reading a specific sentences from the history,he is not telling that almost every muslims kept on memorizing Quran completely and even in Istanbul Museum copy of Quran checked by pbuh Muhammad with his stamp is present which is exactly same to whatever we have right now

Can you prove why you believe in Jesus aside the scriptures? Guess not! cuz u hell don’t even know what the f^^k he looked like! Then you might as well shut up your smelly mouth and not get too contented. The Jews are here trying to prove to you how fake your Jesus is, wanna battle that? These books you are using against all Muslims are not accepted by all Muslims…you morron! Ayisha and so on are not trusted by “all” Muslims. We are sadly living in a world, where superpowers work with the Satan himself, to distort true revelations of GOD. Pray so hard that Paul is not a fake apostle…he has never seen Jesus, yet he holds this authority. How much of the bible has he written? Were you able to verify the mystical experience of the stench enemy who suddenly out of nowhere became the writer of revelation for you…he dares say he was inspired by God? Good for you to easily believe that. I hope for your sake, he didn’t decipher a plan to make you continue to “blaspheme”…calling a being tortured, mutilated, God…nay he is but a Messenger." Paul has not repented of his sins, he strayed all Christians; you need to curse him in all your prayer. You have nothing left of Jesus, the true old teachings…definitely not this mordern shits! Muslims have the Qur’an from Muhammad, if not all, some…what do you have left of Jesus himself that you are so content? Paul is but a false saint, who led you away from the “comforter” to come. John 16 "But when He the, Spirit of truth, shall come, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He may hear, He will speak…this means he the “comforter” is a man and not some spirits running through some bodies. “Qur’an: And We have not sent you, [Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds” Quran 53: “He does not speak of his own desire; It is not but a revelation that is revealed” (this is the true Comforter Christians are looking for)…Shame Paul the hellenize Jew, the Puppet of the 666!. Deutronomy 33:1-2: "This is the blessing that Moses, the man of God, gave to the people of Israel before his death:
He said: “The LORD came from Sinai (Moses) and dawned over them from Seir (Son of Mary); he shone forth from Mount Paran (Muhammad)”

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How is Quran made from satan and every chapter starts with I seek Allah’s protection/refuge/shelter from Shaitaan, the Accursed one. and in the bible, it says if satan is divided against himself how can his kingdom stand.

Bible is corrupted

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Bible is corrupted

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The koran is its own worst enemy.

So jesus christ has to be created in such a way
He is not god
He never never never claimed that
He is the messenger of Allah
The same happened to Adam AS
He is the earliest mankind to exist
He never claimed god
He never had the intention to create david moses jacobs abraham issac or isa AS either
So god was the Creator of all the rows of the messengers identified not jesus christ
In fact the christians shouldnt use the name jesus christ but isa AS

Think as wise as a god
See nabeel qureshi n david wood claimed jesus is god as he spilled the term the trinity to make christians must believe must trust must obey
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From god he himself created the son n the holy ghost to reveal himself in person
Then he as the god created the mother maryam to have him grown healthy before his birthday
When he came to the world in person after 3 days he scicumsised himself
During his childhood he (this god) depended on his mother to grow milk food love napping
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Should a great god must reveal himself to create his mother’s womb n then he hurried up to be in the womb
When she gave birth jesus came out as a baby
Then need 35 yrs to grown up until his death
And how could a god that superior can die
The followers need him so much
This was a silly n stupid story line that john mark luke mathew
had ever presented to the world
The muslims always scratching their heads