The Corruption of the Quran: David Wood & Hatun Tash (DCCI Ministries)

Has the Quran been perfectly preserved, as many Muslim apologists claim? Or was the Quran changed over time? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) and Hatun Tash (DCCI Ministries) go through Islam’s most trusted sources, proving that entire chapters of the Quran were lost, large passages were lost, and verses were even eaten by a sheep!

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Because you all can’t defend the Bible by answering the contradiction, and lack of knowledge about Bible and Quran…
More you defend becomes more worse. People are watching and judging your claims and proof from the Books.
Thank you, you are contributing to spread Islam most fast growing religion in the world.
Be a first man who can answered the Bible contradiction because previous professors or Bible master failed to do so.

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I love how Hatun laughs when David goes off on an over-the-top rant on some issue. They both have a wonderful sense of humor. That’s what keeps them going when other apologists burn out.

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Who has a more genuine smile than Hatun? Beautiful smile.

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Uncorrupted scriptures are theological underpinnings of all three religions of Abraham, their innumerable historical alliances and offshoots. Each have holes in their narratives, as academia has known for hundreds of years. Militant sectarianism is the most serious ongoing issue. Confrontations must be replaced by judicious and empathetic interaction, not anger and raucous shouting matches; the main reasons for the popularity of Speakers Corner… We shouldn’t judge Muslims by Western standards, many are coming from poor families, 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants sadly lacking that staple of western education, Critical Thinking. Nothing is gained by assuming victory, i.e. “proof texting” their supposed weaker arguments, or religious “exceptionalism”. . . all share a belief in the miraculous.

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You can tell when David is laughing, and you can tell when Hutan is smiling. Blessings to you both and your families. Praying for you both.
These two disciples of Jesus unique gifts of our Lord Jesus to the world

we dont belive that quran is unchanged because of some leaders says that to us .we belive that because allahs says that . no matter how many version of quran had or how many conflicts was on that time about which was the real verse but no one had different opinion about that allah said that he will protect the quran by himself.

"not even a dot has changed in quran but on that time quran dont used any dots."yeah not even a dot has changed in quran but i can read the quran in other langues with their own versions of dots .i mean people are so dying to make the quran fake that they forget to use their brains.

allah said that no one can changed quran but you dont belive that todays quran is unchanged quran but many years later some says the topic about ayeshas about the marham relation about 2 persons and you belived that ,that really happend on that time . i dont know about this but if you telling some negetive then you should say the whole story just like you said how some verse missing from quran .

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The Jewish faith is based on Race. the Christian faith is based on Passion. but the Islamic faith is based on Proof. That’s why when the Jews & Christians followers put aside their racism & passion & follow the proof they revert to Islam.

Christians Jews & Atheists; Are you more knowledgeable in the Christians faith than all the Priests & church members & the Jewish Rabbis who reverted to Islam? Or more intellectual than all the professors & scientists who discovered the miracles of Quran & became Muslims?!

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Wood destroyed by Mohammad Hijab and Hatun destroyed by speaker corner. Now they are planning to destroy innocent people, :joy::joy::joy::star_struck::joy::joy::joy:

I used to listen to the Ex Muslims then double check the claims so i can debate with Muslims around me , but i saw the opposite , the light , the truth and Jesus in his true version , the Son of Man . Now as an Ex Christian i want to thank Ex Muslims like Hatun.