The Corruption of the Quran (Jay Smith and David Wood)

David wood prophet of dimon


93,000 discrepancies!!!

If Yasir Qahdi and other Quran scholars know the Quran has been changed, why do they still believe? They’re literally going against the claim of the Quran. They literally believing in a lie.

any fanatics crazy radicalsm is Paranoid Schizophrenia… if they are fanatics radicalsm means they have problem in their halunication… they are paranoid about other people freedom opinions…
Radicalsm or brainwashed people are people who are not able being critized and to accept critisms…
Radicalsm is always as halunication in Paranoid Schziophrenia. 100% the truth.

David please let Jay speak more.

Both Christianity and Islam is nonsense

Wow, incredible job breaking this down guys. I mean holy smokes! This, above anything else, (and there is plenty other fundamental disagreements/contradictions if your familiar with David’s channel), is the the smoking gun. I’m amazed this has been out for an entire year and I’ve never seen or heard of this. Once again, here I am binging your channel for information, fantastic job David and company. God bless you.

I am an ExMuslim :tipping_hand_man:

Jay Smith is very well versed in Islamic religion. Hope they expose the lies of Islam

A prelude to the debate. What a blessing.

1:33:50 …Oh, so that is why so many qurans were thrown into the sewer systems in Iran and Saudi. :flushed: Saw the evidence of it and they were lots that were tossed away!

Guys i watched a group of young Christians having a discussion on youtube. What wisdom they have of Christianity.

Jay has no knowledge of Quran he tumb sucks listen to this video he is spewing big arabic names al this al that but he knows nothing. all he does is shout even Hatun by this video you can see his like a barbarian please brother Jay you make us look like a joke. people have eyes they see these calm muslims and in this video you spreading fear to discredit then. Open your eyes brother the more you oppress the more they grow. i beg of you try something else you loosing the fight.

And yet the census says Islam increased from 2005 to 2011 by 100k you lost. Those guys are out debating you guys. have you seen those videos those guys are calm when they debate and schooled they know our bible better then us and our guys are just screaming from the top of our lungs and not making sense.
I see Hijab is now getting 500k views for his videos. You a joke david and jay.

WOW 2 legendary commentators but only 94k views for a year and people in lockdown you becoming irrelevant. CHANGE YOUR MESSAGE to become relevant.

Corrupted Quran but a miracle ha ha ha ha… …

He said they don’t question the Qu’ran because of respect but respect has to be earned. If it can’t hold up to scrutiny, then it can’t be respected.

I strongly believe that muh mad was somehow allah

Jay Smith is the greatest Christian apologist