The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Encourages Abortion on Twitter
“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” hit a new low when it responded to the Supreme Court’s latest abortion ruling by tweeting: “Celebrate the Supreme Court ruling! Go knock someone up in Texas!” Following a backlash, a later tweet claimed that the writers weren’t promoting abortion. Unfortunately for the writers, we can read, and there’s no confusion about the original tweet. In this video, David Wood discusses Trevor Noah, “The Daily Show,” the abortion tweets, and human dignity.

the only time abortion should be acceptable is if you are muhammad’s parennts

These abortionists should just stop protesting and call their mothers instead. Thank their moms who chose them rather than convenience.
Otherwise, better for these abortionists to have millstones tied around their necks and drowned.
The babies will go to Jesus but unrepentant murderers will suffer hell for all eternity.

Wow watching this 5 years later, the line about human death becoming amusing rings very true. It is not too hard to see many examples of TV shows, movies, and comic books in which the gratuitously violent deaths are often portrayed as comedic or unmeaningful and there is no sense of hope (I think the new suicide squad movie and the show The Boys match these criteria quite well). I think that things such as these (particularly comics) have been around for some time (80s horror movies are great examples), but it seems that they have become very common now. But thank you for your words David, may God bless you in your ministry, and let us press forward towards the reevangelization of the culture and evangelization of the world!

God bless you, brother! Abortion is murder.

such a grim reality, that we all would enjoy the gore, only our education keeps us “normal”

Abortions are just as physically taxing as pregnancies. Its is very inconsiderate to joke about such physical trauma.

am not against anyone who wants to abort they have a reason to do it, but they should think twice

Hello David! Thank you for your work in showing the truth about islam. I have a request. Can you make some research about the view of islam on abortion. I’m asking you because apart of your extensive knowledge in this religion I know you will say the truth. God bless you and your family!

Great video :fist::pray:

It’s funny when Christians are against abortion.
Hosea 13:16 The people of Samaria must bear the guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women RIPPED open."
So it is okay for non Christians unborn babies to die but not Christians babies. So your God only cares and loves Christians and the disbelievers.

They are not ready for jokes about dismembering unborn children, but they are ready to dismember unborn children, the IQ of these people are off the charts over 9000…

I wouldn’t mind being aborted but still i rather feel bit of frustration & get to enjoy than to feel nothing & never be able to enjoy

Random thought just hit me.
Evolution says that humans came from Gorarilas.
Goridlos are a endanagered speices, so they must not be killed.
Abortion is killing life.
Therefore, Abortion must be stopped to protect the Goradilas!


Ahh, but republicans constantly tell their mistresses to get abortion as soon as they found out they’re pregnant. I guess it’s definitely not funny when it comes to their career!

Abortion sucks. But women have the right to choose whether or not they want to squeeze a baby out of their vagina as it stretches apart her uterus. This isn’t decreasing our value for life, nor are dark humoured jokes.
It’s simply a necessary evil.
It does less harm than good. Besides giving women jurisdiction over their own bodies (Womens rights and Christianity in the same sentence?) it also can have a beneficial reduction on the ever increasing number of orphans that live horrible lives among several other economic impacts.

This is a really old video. I’d like to see a new, 2018 version on your views on abortion and all your arguments against choice

The daily show is meant to be a source of comedy. Not all snowflakes seem to be able to handle it

Trevor Noah.
Great Comedian.
Sometimes bad politician.

And pro-life is anti-woman