The Early Spread of Christianity and Islam (David Wood)

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“Islam: The World’s Fastest-Growing Religion”:

Muslims often claim that the spread of Islam during the time of Muhammad is miraculous proof that Islam is true. In this video, David Wood examines the real reasons for the early spread of Islam, and compares the spread of Islam with the spread of Christianity.

story fo christianity : chritians reached europethey converted to which was pagan infested area that time they did pagan adjustments with thier religon they converted to christianity europe became christianity euroepan colonized americas autstalia and africa europeans migrated to these areas thus these areas also became christians

Very biased

David doesn’t really care about Islam or proving it wrong he just found a subject that a lot of ignorant people like he’s making some money off of YouTube He hasn’t studied has no knowledge of Christianity or any other religion

At that time, Aus and Khazraj were two important tribes of Medina. The Jews of Medina, particularly Bani Quraiza, kept trying to get Muslims killed either by siding with the pagans of Mecca or trying to sow seeds of discord, so Aus and Khazraj would keep fighting with each other. Those who had supported Aus against Khazraj were executed, and among these was Ibn Sunaina. These people were killed because they were enemies of Muslims and by their actions many Muslims would have been killed

there are no scientific errors in the hadees -please people look up the rest of this stuff on muslim websites yourself where they explain misconceptions.

Islam: We will kill others who don’t believe in our religion
Christianity: We will die for those who don’t believe in our religion

Was prophet Mohammed a Warlord and expansion of Islam is by the tip of swords?

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things”
Quran , Chapter 2, Verse 256

Embracing Islam was and still is simply a choice !

Islamic so called “Conquest” and the need to hold up arms were attempts of muslims to deliver the word of Islam to those whose kings won’t allow it peacefully !

For those who say Islam is a religion that spread by tip of the sword !
Here are historical facts :

  • Do you know how many battles happened in the 10 years of prophet Mohammed ‘s life after Islam? it was (80) in 10 years time. From those 80, only 7 where actual fight broke. In those 7 where fight broke the toll death number of Muslims was 139, and from their enemies 112. All for all 251 person killed at 7 battles in ten years’ time.

  • The three major battles of those 7 were battle field near Al-Madinah which means the fight was brought to Muslims and they were fighting back in self-defense.
    Battles were never sought by muslims to spread Islam only for self-defense.

  • Ansar tribe in Al-Madina accepted Islam by the calling of Word. After Settling in Al Madinah, Prophet Mohammed started calling others to Islam by sending letters and emissaries explaining what the religion really is, Why ? because the word of Islam needs to spread amongst their subjects and be heard by all people. He sent a letter to the Great Mqawqas of the Copt in Egypt, He sent to Cesar of Byzantium, to emperor of Persia, None of them accepted Islam but all of them replied diplomatically and with gifts except Byzantium Cesar who tortured and brutally killed the prophet’s emissary; hence the Battle of Mua’ata when prophet sent a battalion of 3000 who won the battle against 100,000 Byzantian.

  • Do you know that Big Tribes of Yemen did also receive a letter calling them to Islam and they embraced Islam with a letter because they saw the truth of this religion; so after they embraced Islam, prophet Mohammed send to them 1 man. Only One of his companions with instructions to build a mosque and teach people about Islam. That was it.

  • Ok One will say. How about the battles led by caliphates of Muslims who ruled after the death of prophet?. Well As we said, the prophet already tried diplomacy asking those rulers to allow the word of Islam reaching their land but they declined. All Muslim battalions and armies sent to Iraq, Egypt, Persia they all went for one purpose! Remove the barrier that prevents Islam from reaching people. That’s why Islam sets the most exemplary and noble rules of engagement (Do not harm those unarmed civilians, do not kill and elderly, women, or children, do not cut a tree or destroy a building, and when those fighting you surrender take them as prisoners not to be harmed). That’s why the moment a battle is won, Muslims put down the sword, start living among people preaching the word of Islam.

  • Do you know that in the Year 100 Hijri (Which is the Islamic Calendar) after 80 years under the role of Islam, the percentage of Muslims among population in Persia was only 5%. And 3% in Iraq, Egypt and Syria 2% and in Andalusia (Parts of Spain) it was <1% . In the year 185 Hijri the average % of muslim reached 25% in Persia, the same % in Iraq in the year 225 Hijri. 25% of Egyptians becamse muslims in the Year 275 Hijri (Two and a half centuries after Islam Started Ruling).

  • In Year 295 Hijri 25% In Andalusia. These % increased gradually to reach 75% in the half a century between 350-400 Hijri.

  • If that’s a Religion of Blood ! why it kept- still is keeping- on spreading with no revolution or anti-theological groups in rising in Resistance ,from within, ever recorded?

:joy::joy:Your face itself remarks you as a rivel of Islam…!!You know called as a “Jahannami”…
:relieved:Don’t worry…!! You will get your answers from Allah on time…!! Because my Allah is never late​:heart::relieved:

The religion of peace huh? :joy:

Think about the advanced societies of the world where they wear minimal or no cloth cover but do not go around raping or molesting women. Where women and their integrity is truly valued

You know Islam spread to Spain but the spaniards killed every Muslim and forced them to convert back to Christianity wow Christianity was an evil cult

Booth are same both killed humans destroy native community in india and colonial power play a major role in spread of christianity shame on you david Satan’s

Hi David, could you please do a narration of Luke-Acts?

I love hearing you read the Bible haha.

David Wood ahahaha got destroyed by Muhammad Hijab

It’s even been spreading rapidly for the past 50 years. Before that it wasn’t.
Worst thing is they hate the Jews. Oo Ishmael, you have no place.

2:20 Huwayyisa converted to Islam because his Muslim brother was ready to kill him if Mohamed have ordered him to do
3:33 the people of B. Khatma became Muslims after Marwan’s daughter was killed who was one of b. Khatma
5:30 funny hadith includes some funny myths : the the child will resemble his father if he discharges first and vice versa
10:19 Mohamed tells abu sufian to convert or his head would be lost so Abu sufian did what Mohamed told him to do

Maybe mohammad was secretly gay?

I am so fed up of muslims trying to force me to be come Muslim

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The new crusade has started between Christian and Islam. This time it is on the internet.