The Fate of Robert Spencer in "Islamicize Me"

Robert Spencer will be the target of jihad in our upcoming “Islamicize Me” mockumentary. What will happen to Robert? You decide! Vote here: Answering Muslims: Should Robert Spencer Live or Die in "Islamicize Me"?

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David… thanks to you im now a huge Robert Spencer fan. …just got his Book from Mohammed to ISIS.
Watched all of your vids and most of Roberts by now too. So into that rabbit hole i found and love Brigitte Gabriel also.
Islamasize Me was a great series… and Boom Boom is pure… f*king… gold !
Keep doing what you do brother David. :+1:

Long live Robert Spencer!

I like him

A man named Devid Wood tried to hammer :hammer: on his father’s head and was prisoned for few days.
I say, he didn’t do any crime but why he was prisoned! You, the police :policeman: did injustice with him. Even though he would kill his father you had no right to prison him because you, the policeman are not giving the value of Lord Jesus’ Crucifixion. He wiped out all’s sins through the crucifixion. All means all. Doesn’t Devid Wood is one amongst the all? Poor policeman.

You lie .We all will die idiot so stop living in fools Paradise of living forever😂

I do not think that his security detail could protect him from the Blue Djinn.

they need a Jinn. There’s an old story about a man who was a really big hater he just hated this certain fellow day after day couldn’t stand even thinking about him but he hated on this guy all the time. Well, one day this guy is walking on the beach and he finds a bottle and he pulls the stopper out and this big Genie comes out, says “You may have whatever you want --name it it will be yours. However the man that you hate most in the world will get twice as much as what you ask for.” He thought for a moment and then he looked up and he said to the genie, “I would like for you to beat me half to death.”

Oh man< i cannot vote anymore.

Lol keyboard jihadists David always nailing :joy::joy::joy:

No one like Robert Spencer. He should live

I invoke the power , the majesty, wisdom, glory, and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, begging him for the power of his Holy Spirit, to bless us to be unified in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, speaking truth passionately in love without error, purifying our motifs, so that Christ alone can be exalted. And I ask that the Lord bless us to represent Islam accurately so that Muslims get convicted by the Truth and turn away from the Darkness of Islam and into the light of the New Testament for their only hope of salvation under Christendom. So the body of Christ may be strengthened by the meek and eager efforts used by the Sovereign Lord for His Glory, in the name of Christ, Amen!

let him live even if he is hospitalized in the series

I have always suspected David of being an artist. Suspicion now is gone. He is brilliant. ___Good start. Good Team. Success is unavoidable !!! Best Regards !

Devil Wood. I wish u never accept Islam

David wood was an ex atheist that got a mission from satan to deceive the jews christians and muslims he twists words misinterprets them my fellow brothers and sisters give islam a chance and search about it

So how do you ever get your point across to a Muslim OR a leftist that will not believe what is written in the quran? The fundamentalist will always blame the translation, claiming it is a different meaning in Arabic or that the verse is taken out of context. We know that Muslims are allowed to lie to infidels. It’s in the quran that they apparently cannot believe unless it is said in Arabic…which most Muslims around the world do not understand!! How can a non Arabic speaking person even claim to be a Muslim when they cannot even say the Muslim conversion prayer in Arabic? They might memorize the words in Arabic but they are not really believing what they say since they do not understand it. For all they know they could be reciting something from the American Constitution!I know that all Muslims are not like that. Before 1980 most of the Muslims that immigrated to the US came from areas of the middle east that had become very westernized after WWI. Those countries, like Iran, Lebanon, and Syria were mostly actual “peaceful Muslims” that did not practice sharia. They had universities with western educators teaching in them (that were not globalists). Most of the countries had no burkas and no bombs. During the 60’s globalists took over in the US and policy toward the nations of the middle that had been created by the western powers after WWI. Those nations were becoming very westernized but the Muslim Brotherhood was constantly trying to bring down those new countries and reestablish the Islamic caliphate. American presidents began helping the MB by assisting them in destabilizing those countries. In 1980 the Refugee Resettlement Act was passed in the US and the Muslim dominated UN was given management of the US refugee program. Both the Bush and Obama administrations imposed quotas for Islamic immigration That could not be met with normal immigration numbers. Very generous aid packages were created and the UN began offering them to fundamentalist Muslims from the most backward, sharia ruled FAILED Islamic states on earth…like Samolia. Instead of educated Muslims immigrating from peaceful areas of the middle east (that were well vetted and able to support themselves and contribute to society) the US began funneling in uneducated fundamentalist Muslims that would live on benefits paid by the US taxpayer! These “refugees” expect sharia to be established here. Their children get free educations from kindergarten through far left Constitution/American hating college! This is how our country is being taken over from within. Trump has not stopped the flood of fundamentalist Muslims into the country. Lebanon and Iran have been taken over by Islamic terrorists. Bush set up a fundamentalist government in Iraq that despite the billions of dollars worth of new infrastructure, militarily bases, equipment, and weapons refused to stop the rape, torture, and slaughter of minorities in that country that began just weeks after the Bush “victory” and only continued to increase until Trump was elected! The globalists that run this country through the politicians of both political parties have ruined our educational system, changed the face of the middle east, and brought this country to bankruptcy in a matter of less than four decades. The American people are so dumbed down and ignorant of history that they have no idea what is going on around them!

I love Robert Spencer and his superb mustache. Not liking the idea of anyone harming him. So, I vote NO! I vote for a video containing the most ridiculous things Islam (Hadith/Quran) actually proclaims.

Robert Spencer is…SUPERMAN, no mangy mohammedan can get near him to strike him down, they melt, much the same as vampires melt when confronted with crucifixes, garlic and daylight!