The FBI Just Warned Me That . .

So I got a visit from the FBI today . . .

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Hi David, we experienced similar situation about 2 months ago when 2 local police officers visited us regarding a jihadist threat against us which was circulating on social media. They advised us to be very vigilant and contact them (they give us their contact number) if we see any imminent threat. That was nice. Stay blessed our lovely brother and keep up the good work you’re doing for the kingdom.

Do not take it to your mouth, quran is cursed. Just burn it.

I’m from India, but I appreciate how the FBI and the American Military protects David! God bless us all


U can see the cartoon draw and the koran pig behind him​:rofl::broken_heart::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well, now you made a whole castle out of Mo’s diary, so be careful in Dallas!

The FBI will be watching you :pray:t2:

I’m sorry I never laughed so hard at the end of this video. You’re an extremely courageous man.

I would have eaten that book too but I’m afraid it might make me puke due to disgusting things written there …

Stay safe David God bless u let them see the difference of our religion to thiers we are willing to die for Jesus and our faith while they are willing to kill for thier fate


Thank you for trying to save people from false religions!!!:+1::+1::+1::pray::pray::pray:

I always come here to laugh away my sadness. :joy: Dr David, u’re such a humor, love nd respect from Nigeria :heart:

I suppose that’s great to hear that they are looking out for you
God Bless You Brother you are definitely a
Modern Day Crusader

Laughing my behind off.

I love what you do brother in Christ. Keep it up.

Hey David, pass the Quran please, I could use a bite!

Hey David, pass the Quran, I’m hungry too!!!

Bro, eating paper is gross :nauseated_face: