The First Christian Rap Song! (1946, Jubalaires, "Noah")

Eminem wasn’t born yet because he was scared to face the Jubalaires! Is this the first Christian rap song? Is it the first rap song ever? Let’s listen to “Noah.”



Oh oh Noah
Oh Noah
God’s gonna ride on the wind and tide
Brother Noah,
Brother Noah, my god’s talking
Said he would ride on the wind and tide

Well after the foundation was laid
Then Noah began to hew and build
The ringing of the hammer cried judgment
The hewing of the saw cried sin and repent
A hundred years he hammered and sawed
Building the ark by the grace of God
When the ark was done God’s voice was heard
He said, "Now, Noah let me tell you what to do.”
“Call in the animals two by two.”
So he called them in the ark two by two
He called the bird, the ox, with the kangaroo
Then he called in Japeth, and Ham, and Shem
Then God began to flood the land
He raised his hands to heaven on high
Shook the stars and they moved from the sky
Shook the mountains, he troubled the sea
Hitched the wind, his chariot decree
He stepped on land and stood on the shore
And declared that time there wouldn’t be no more.

Oh Noah
Oh oh Noah
Oh oh Noah
God’s gonna ride on the wind and tide.

John 3:16


Better than modern days rap songs and u nailed it Dr Wood :clap:t4::clap:t4:

David wood aka Christian RHAZEL!!!

More segment like this brother DW :pray:

It does sound Southern.

I wouldn’t really call this rap, but it’s cool

Love it

AWESOME!!! :raised_hands:

For Shizzle my Dizzle! Dr. Wood!:grin::grin::grin::rofl::rofl::rofl: Lots of love from Nigeria…

Jesus loves you

I love the Dizzle!:joy::raised_hands::four_leaf_clover:

This is going in my list of my best rap collection.

The singers all look midly disturbed

this is better than the original!!

Lol the first BET cypher. Now this is what you call hip hop! This is wholesome. Talented brothers. And the beat boxer of course :wink:

I saw God surf in on the wind and tide!:sunglasses::raised_hands::shamrock:
Looked like Hitch😂

I love the jubalaries​:+1::heart::pray: I don’t make many comments on your channel .but watch alot. Your a blessing brother. :100::dove::pray::eyes::point_up: