The Gary Habermas Rap (Vocab Malone ft. David Wood)
You can’t make this stuff up. Vocab Malone freestyle raps about Historical Jesus scholar Gary Habermas, in front of Gary Habermas, with David Wood beatboxing.

Hahaha. We love u brothers.

Look closely the real best boxer here is Alex XD


Better than Enimen , respekt from Polish Protestant ethnic minorities .

I started the video as an atheist and am now a Christian. It’s as if Jesus was beatboxing through David Wood.

If that was off the top of his head, that was amazing.

If some debates were rap battles… :slight_smile:

LOL this is hilarious! Never Imagined such a scene in my life lol


Lol sometimes this channel goes beyond weird :slight_smile:

haha cool rhyme

David Woods dropping a beat on a rap about Habermas? Now this is something I never once in my life imagined I would see, especially in this convention lol (the guy at 1:25 seems to think the same).

I didn’t know vocab could freestyle so good and David could beatbox so good awesome Christian combination
Horray Christians brothers of love
It makes me happy to see us have fun and coexist together

That was legit.

Nice, I enjoyed your beatboxing. I practiced beatboxing, but since I was saved I have a hard time finding a use for it–this seems like the appropriate place!

Love Vocab’s hair.

That was very good, rhyming a herbermas name couldn’t have been easy.

Bro David, that rap was dope.

haha nice