The Glazov Gang: Jamie Glazov and David Wood on the Surrender of Brandeis University

Jamie Glazov and David Wood discuss the surrender of Brandeis University to Sharia intimidation, as well as CAIR’s opposition to human rights.


But they are like NAZI’s. Theocratic socialism is still socialist. And like other forms of socialism it is responsible for the deaths of millions of people

I wondered if the video was simply a clip from a film about Hitler with captions that say something different from what Hitler is saying? Or did they film a new clip with Hitler saying in German what the captions say? I doubt if CAIR or any leftists would be influenced. Perhaps one in a thousand.

Ayaan is my hero. Care practices Tahkiya. Jamie and David you’ll are Goliaths on the side of Truth.
God bless you both.

David, you are a genius.

Communism + Islam + mosquitoes (yes, mosquitoes!) contribute ZERO to civilization, and we KNOW what we DO to mosquitoes!

Burn copies these kinds of videos and share them!! as many of them as you can. People have trouble believing how damn evil this shit really is.

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How come David studied Islam, without realising quickly that it is evil?

33 incidents of violence involving 18 MURDERS by Indian Muslims for Muslim women marrying non Muslim, in last 9 yrs.

Islam is a cancer

Christians need a special organazation that we can call out christianaphobia

I would pass a world wide law one female per one man in Islam n one child then let’s c also marrying first cousins same blood what does that say for the 23 each screw cair

I totally condemn islam

muslims need jesus in their lives

Praise Jesus for Jamie and David!

Dear Brother Wood. Guess what I discovered? Quran 21:91 agrees with Saint Paul. Muslims try to tell us that Jesus just went to the lost sheep of Israel. But, in Quran 21:91, we discover that Jesus was for ALL of the nations (like Saint Paul preaches about Jesus being for Jews AND Gentiles). Check out Quran 21:91 to see what I mean. It’s one of three passages in the Quran where old Allah gets down and talkative with Mary’s vagina to get her pregnant with a son of whom Allah then desperately tries to deny fathering.

Sometimes Universities “honor” or invite conservatives or pro-westerners just to get controversy that publicizes the accusations of bigotry and then withdraw the invitation. You have to remember that the people who run almost all universities are anti-West and would never have made such invitations except for ulterior motives.