The GOD of the Bible vs. the god of the Quran (LIVE, 8:00pm ET): Tony Costa & David Wood

David Wood and Tony Costa will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time) discussing the topic “Is the God of the Quran the Same as the God of the Bible?”

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A beautiful ending.

Obviously the God of the Bible is NOT the same as the god in the quran.
The Bible literally got canonized centuries before the quran.
In fact the quran most likely came from satan himself

How come that Islam claims that Allah neither begets nor is he begotten.

  1. According to the Qur’an Allah has three daughters. Apart from that he claims that if he wanted a son he would have to choose a consort from one of his own. So Allah can beget if he so desires! How does that fit into the concept of Tawhid?

  2. The Qur’an also has a beautiful story about how Allah created himself out of horses’ sweat. This means that he was begotten. Allah’s power and humility is impressive as he created horses with sweat and all before he created himself!

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I love my brothers in Christ.

It is helpful when you include sites

There is a lot of video coming out on the net on the unaccounted years of Jesus. ie between when he was 12 y old and 30 y old…
could you please make a video on this. Thanks

Glory glory glory to JESUS Christ Son of God t he only way, the truth and the life .

19:30 Early Jews/Christians rejected Quran ? what is Jews population and what is Muslim population ? Christian population is high. but how much are practicing Christian ?

“The Son doesn’t know the final hour but the Father does?”
How can this be? Let us use the following to get a little understanding…
If you a mere man, living in the year 2000 had a time machine. You could take a one week vacation in the year 2030. Then in the year 2001 you could take another vacation also to the year 2030. Then in the year 2002 you could take one more vacation back to the year 2030.

Tell me, what is the one thing that you would have found in the year 2030 every single time you we’re there?

You would find you there, 3 copies of you.

The you from the year 2000, the you from the year 2001, and the you from the year 2002. All three of you standing there together yet all three of you are the same person, each one quite capable of doing something completely different at exactly the same time, even able to have a conversation with each other. In fact the you from 2000 would have no knowledge of events to happen in the year 2001 but the you from 2003 would. So it would make complete sense for the you from 2000 to ask the you from 2003 questions about your future.

If you a mortal man with something as simple as a time machine can be three individual people but yet one person at the same time. Then an omnipresent God not bound by space and time would have no problem doing exactly the same thing.

In fact there would be nothing to prevent that omnipresent God from being 20 billion people at the same time, each one performing a completely different job at the same time. Like maybe sitting on a throne in heaven as God, walking amongst the people of earth teaching them and sacrificing himself as Jesus, and comforting and guiding each and every one of his children as the Holy Spirit.

I understand it may be a bit difficult to wrap our little minds around something as complicated as living outside space and time. But that is precisely where God resides.

Please do not make the mistake of limiting God within the confines of the physical properties of this world (time and space) that confines all of us.
Now don’t take this as an explanation of how God does things it is just to show that God being 3 persons yet one at the same time is not a contradiction if he resides outside time and space.

Tick tock time to Rock!!!

There seems to be some misunderstanding of WHY God ordered the killing of entire cities. They fail to look back and see that these people were of mixed blood with man and the fallen angels. God knew if they did not wipe them out the purity of the lineage of Christ could not be maintained. At times they did not obey God completely and later on had to face their mistakes. How is that? The giant Goliath and his 4 brothers were of that seed, as only one example. These Nephilim were an abomination to God. They also practiced worship to Baal and other DEMONIC entities through sexual rituals spreading diseases among the entire population as well.

The Israelites also killed without asking God first and they paid a very steep price for it. When you take a few verses without looking further it looks bad but when it is taken in context and know the history, it all becomes clear WHY God commanded the elimination of ONLY CERTAIN people, not all those who did not worship him like Allah in the Qur’an does.

wait a sec [23:30] isn’t that al’lah is all-knowing

"…Verily, whosoever sets up partners in worship with Allah, then Allah has forbidden Paradise for him, and the Fire will be his abode. And for the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers) there are no helpers.

–Quran 5:72

The Quran God(Allah) and Bible God are not same now, before the trinity concept the Bible God view similar to the Quran God Allah

Just as a Shepherd would fight a bear to protect his own sheep, even to death. Jesus gave up his own life to save humanity. Even a good parent, if the choice to save their children is dependent on giving up their own lives, they would have offered it.

God himself, stated that he was plural monotheistic from the beginning. In Genesis he says “Let US make Man”…

Thank you for the work you do David Wood. I live in Scotland and we are in big trouble in the UK.

Thank u David along with Tony, I have heard a lot of your preaching/discussion during 1,29.12hrs.Through your massages I have learned many new things,thanks very much.