The greatest moment in the history of live streaming (david wood and vocab malone)

In case you missed our New Year’s live stream, here’s a clip you don’t want to miss! David Wood and Vocab Malone!

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He looked straight up heart broken :joy::joy:

aaww vocab nooo,and he is going to drink it? i can’t watch this

he is a bomb expert

I remember watching this live. I’m still killing myself laughing watching it again.

Wow this guy made quite a mix in there. This is too funny. I would like to try it sometime without the glass.

Hahahahahahahahah now f way it’s too funny :joy:

Dear Lord! I sure hope Vocab’s intestine isn’t filtering FINE SLIVERS OF GLASS STILL! As a nurse, I’m worried about his gut, even a week or more later. It’s bad, an X-ray won’t show Glass! :flushed: Call me worried & Praying he’s okay?

Watching from the Phils …

I think drinking tiny pieces of glass is stupid. And then. Straw let’s you get the chips at the bottom. Ugh

Diet Mountain Dew!!! That’s the funny part for me!!! That stuff has so much sugar it makes coke look like a health drink.
The diet versions just add horrible chemicals that can’t be metabolised by humans & linked to all types of cancers it’s just nasty.
The only active ingredients are the tiredness neurone blocker caffeine & unstable energy sugar that you crash out of after & even that blocks fat burning.

VOCAB’S GLASS SHARD COCKTAIL :thinking::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Are we all gonna ignore the guy who said boom boom room was his favorite shoe

maybe a little triple sec or vodka or gin or somethin…


That could have caused a serious injury! he was lucky! Oh, he did cut himself. Straw? How about tiny splinters?
Is 2020, the END of the second decade? The third decade starts in 2021? Think about it.

Mmmm shards of glass

Estrogen cocktail…lmfao

Vocab broke the glass! Classic indeed! Need to be cool and wise.

He shd absolutely NOT drink that after the glass shattered! will get tiny shards of glass in his stomach!!..needs to ditch the whole thing n start again…