The Greatest Threat to Your Freedom Is . .

What is the greatest threat to your freedom? David Wood answers.

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RUMBLE: Acts17Apologetics
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LBRY: Acts17Apologetics

if u follow ur freedom that means u follow ur desires enjoy hell period. freedom is limited like choosing food house car wife but not homosexuality or chose ur imaginary lgbtq lover god duh😊

This is why I save your videos!!

If nothing is done about the big tech over reach of athority and obvius powergrab, we will to begin with seeing further centralization of power and influence.
The government will continue to support agendas set by organizations, companies and/or wealthy individuals such as jeff Bezos and his amazon, bill gates and Microsoft, Mark Zuckadick and Facebook.
Eventually, the government will demand further control and infringe on individualistic human rights, and this power and authority will one day be transferred to the World Economics foundations.
Discussions regarding the governing of the western powers (and if the events in India goes according to big techs plans) and India will be conducted within closed meeting without any oficial representation of the people, (that is we will be left in the dark)
At least this is what apears to be happening currently with the bildiberg meetings for an example where the worlds most influential people, politicians and economical elits gathers and there is no media alowed to cover what there in is diskussed and the members of which are keeping their lips sealed tight.

My brother, you are my brother in Jesus Christ my Lord n best friend,
You are a very wise man
Yes what you say us the truth
I to am a believer a witness to Jesus

Brother, it’s like you said in one of your previous videos. You said that these major high tech tyrants don’t have any competition so, they can pretty much do what they want. If they had competition, they would have to play nice in every areas of their platform.

We are so close to Orwell’s “1984” every day!

George Orwell 1984

I have learned that I have to g to your channel, which helps find your videos. Thanks for the Truth

This is so overwhelming!!

Free speech and Draconian laws


Free speech on university campuses restored in UK.

DW, I feel very proud of you in your program sharing the truth & enlightenment to the muslim’s world. I believe numerous muslims are watching & learning from your program and will continue to guide their concience to wake up & accept the lies and deceit about the teachings of their islamic religion.

  I believe our God will continue to bless you abundantly, the same with the family, and co-workers.
    May the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit provide you more strength, wisdom, and courage in facing the difficult challenges you face daily in your highly educational program. 
I believe the Holy Spirit and the holy angels of our God continues to minister and protects you and family in whatever you do and wherever you go. 
   Praise & glory to our God for your exemplified courageous work and in your commitment to shed light while in this dark world. 
    Praying & I salute you, DW!

David wood is a smart guy its a shame that he has to dumb down his intellect because of his loyalty towards the trinitarian church :confused:

It’s really like a horrible nightmare. Nothing will be done about it. I dread the future.

Pray and vote for politicians who support either breaking up or regulating Google, YouTube, Facebook, all of the woke, tech giants

I think apostate prophet David wood Harris godless woman Abdullah sameer all should join and create a new you tube /social media channel

How can this monopoly be broken