The ill mind of hopsin 7, part 1: god's existence

In “The Ill Mind of Hopsin 7,” rap artist Hopsin vents his frustrations with God, Christianity, the Bible, and religion. Tony Costa responds to Hopsin’s demands for God to reveal Himself.

Everybody shut up GOD ain’t real
It’s just a reason not to believe life ends when we die. :100::v:

Which religion is right ? Which is wrong ? So many religions and we Choose Christianity Over Everything Else . Why ? What’s so Important or Great About Christianity? And What’s so Wrong about The Other Religions? People Have their Own Beliefs and I believe That those beliefs Are what’s keeping the world from chaos. Imagine if there was no religion. There would be no Peace because there would be no God to follow. And with no God to follow there is no Heaven or Hell . Just our life and of course we’re gonna live the way we want it. When He says “I’ll be damned to put my pleasure aside for an afterlife that isn’t even guaranteed” it’s one of the most Realist Quotes I’ve ever heard from him. I agree the world is in a more peaceful time than a time where everyone has lost faith because Their So called “God” has not showed Any sign or proof of his existence in THIS or the next Generations. And when That day comes, all hell Will break loose. This song will open many eyes. “I’m only a human I’ll stay in my lane, Ill Mind”.

you censor the word bullshit but you are ok with nigga? good job xD

Hopsin is a victim of the fairytale Christianity that mainstream Christians love to preach and propagate with feel good and self help messages that have nothing to do with actual experiences from living as a Christian to stories in the Bible. The truth is once you get over the honeymoon period, Christianity of full of experience that challenge your faith in God and your reason for existence. I could have easily ended up like Hopsin had I not realised that a huge part of Christianity has to do with finding the reason why I as an individual believe what I profess to believe. 1st Peter 3:15 is a verse rarely mentioned to new converts. But I believe that if new Christians are to stay Christians then it is important that they learn the basic apologetics concept of having a reason for the belief you hold. So whenever I start to feel disillusioned, because of the inevitable amount of persecution and suffering life will throw at me that is a GUARANTEED part of the Christianity package. I fall back on the reason why I believe in the first place. That gets me through. That and having Christian friends that are real people who do not believe that challenges should only be spoken in form of testimonies. So much of what tortures Christians today stems from the fact that it’s low-key illegal to say “I’m not happy with my life right now” or “I feel angry at God”, or “Why do I have to suffer so much?” or “I’m struggling with fornication”, or “I’m addicted to porn/alcohol/pot/name preferred vice”. James 5:16 encourages us to confess our sins to each other, but whenever I’d go to youth meetings I’d hear “You can’t be a Christian and you’re addicted to porn” so naturally as a Christian who was addicted to porn, I felt that youth meetings weren’t the place for me because I wasn’t a Christian. So at the end of the day, the Devil had me where he wanted me, alone and feeling confused and rejected…a lot like Hopsin is. So here’s a question, how many of the Christians that heard IMOH 7 have thought that Hopsin might actually be a Christian who has been misled by other Christians and the Devil to question and doubt everything that he feels inside to be true? What if we weren’t so fast to throw stones at somebody who is guilty of voicing the thoughts that anybody with a brain could have? What if we were more honest in our dealings with one another as brethren?

My biggest thing really, is if my son doesn’t worship me and only me, is it ok for me to burn him alive? If not, why would it be righteous for God to do it, even if said person is a morally good person

you could be a doctor but hopsin’s pandora box is still wide open!!

Ya all dont know what’s his video about, go check it out before you watch this

So the question; who is god? Is answerd by claims that are not proven at all. And the only source is the only book that has your god as the “right” one. How is that something to feel certain about?

No, he’s saying if God made us in HIS image then we should be able to speak to him. We have a right to hear from him. Especially since people die believing in him. And there is no proof, the Bible was written by humans. Humans lie all the time. Plus there are tons of other religions. The Bible could be the least correct for all we know. So god has an obligation to show him self if he wants any one to believe in him. We never asked to be created

Man this is a bunch of bs watch how people believe this because they have suits and education on there sides

God is like Santa… He isn’t real, but you can believe in him or not

God does not exist. If he does then he is dead and almost all but a few 100 will go to hell because we have all sinned to many times.

He lying about gob giving people the knowledge of right and wrong

God sounds like a dick

You guys are garbage

Is there a part 2?

GOD = DOG this video was waste of time
Thank you Hopsin

Hopsin was telling the truth because the bible was written by a human and so many other mankinds.

“So F-You. This is my life and I’m living it. I’m having fun”… certainly doesn’t sound like he’s having fun.