The Impact of Relativism, Postmodernism, and Cultural Marxism (Tony Costa)
In this lecture, Dr. Tony Costa discusses the impact of moral relativism, postmodernism, and cultural Marxism on Western society.

Wow, 50 minutes of dancing around the elephant in the room.

David, Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory which comes from Cultural Bolshevism, originally a Nazi conspiracy theory. It’s literally the same except with Marxists instead of Bolsheviks, and America instead of Germany.

Be very careful, this type of rhetoric leaves you one step away from fascist talking points.
Well, fascists today do talk about this to bring right-wingers like you in.

In fact, Marxism in its purest form is incompatible with say, LGBT and feminist activism because it believes that ONLY class struggle is relevant on a communist revolution. Any pure Marxist would say those things are irrelevant, and the thinkers of the Frankfurt School would have agreed.

Spot on, well presented, clear and easy to understand.

Excellent lecture. Wonderful to listen.

Magnus Hirschfeld is one of the founders of this kind of thing. He was a big promoter of transgenderism. Like the others he also came from Germany and fled the Nazis.

To better understand the French Revolution find out about the writer/philosopher Marcel Chateaubriand. He saw the hypocrisies in the rhetoric of the factions. He also didn’t see the “Storming of the Bastille” as a noble revolution as much as the actions of a bloodthirsty mob. Later he served the gov’t for Napoleon.

Thank you Dr. Costa, this was brilliant, and I am very grateful to have learnt so much today.
Blessings from another of the Frozen Chosen, Prairie Edition. :slight_smile:

Animals do not rape each other. Sorry mate you have got it very very wrong. Many animals mate for life.

Yea lets go back to crusades and fight for who’s genie is correct one. So what makes Christianity more superior than Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and all other religions including the religious beliefs of natives who were tortured for centuries for making them not to believe in their religion thanks to good ol’ Christians. P.S. you can be religious but still be progressive and in freedom of others. i.e. I am hetero person who values monogamous marriage and don’t favor pre-marital sex and I definitely hate extramarital relationships. Yet, I don’t push my beliefs on others, I don’t insult others who have different values than me.

Many kids comming from a christian home and going to university become athiests due to pressure of academic intellectuals and leftist indoctrination.

Excellent video! He really broke down what has been and is going on. I love it. Thank you, David, for sharing. Keep up the good work.

This is crazy accurate to what’s going on today.

Thanks for the video.

1 - Sati was abolished by lots of people in India before the British came! British only passed a legislation banning Sati as they were the only ones who could pass legislations, thereby taking the credit to hide their crimes! Approximately 15 million Indians died in various famines organized by the British. 150000 Indian soldiers fighting for the British in the World Wars but Indian soldiers were racially abused all the time. They were always under-paid and under promoted.

2 - Hinduism contains VARNA System - NOT caste System. Caste system is a cultural construct, not a theologically sanctioned practice based on (thousands of) scriptures. In India, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs have caste systems too. In fact, the early Medieval evangelists in India were supporters of the Caste system. Just ask any regular Indian Christian, Muslim or Sikh.

3 - Native Americans were indeed wiped out due to various factors - diseases, wars, inner rivalries etc but the biggest factor probably is the invading European.

4 - The speaker should have mentioned that Islam exterminated Zoroastrianism from Persia and Buddhism from Afghanistan. It is attempting to exterminate Christianity from Nigeria and Hinduism from Bangladesh and Pakistan while the world is busy focussing on Poor “oppressed” Palestinians.

5 - Communists are really clever - they’ll hide within your societies and get one group to fight other group! So watch out! Christians in the west have to realize that! They shuold stop evangelizing in third world countries restart evangelizing in their own western countries. Place your people in the media, academia, movies etc.

When He described said that 19:20 about every time the guy opens his mouth you prove the Bible’s truth…
I can Tell you that this also exist in Islam in the same exact manner.
So that view cannot be a measure. Coz Anyone who knows his book of keys to remember can find answers anywhere and everywhere and to every situation. isn’t That a strange miracle ?
Try to understand this Formula :
Why are all 3 Religions Vs each other ? ever wonder why and how so perfectly balanced.
OK One is night and the other is Day
and to others it is the same exact opposite.
Isn’t that a Fabulous Dilemma to ponder upon regardless of how we learned to criticize each other.
= Islam >Vs<Christianity
= Uni mono ?

No way… :))))) To be one and not know how to be part of the other would be a problem.
But that are the kind of evolution and re-births are all part of you finding your center.
and I can say that yes it has a great heart just like Jesus. (You have to ask yourself how Jesus would find his way to the Muslims here on earth against all those terrorists and fighting and killing all over the world from so many sides and angels or war and tack-ticks of the Game and how thing can be really Ugly and messy)
How would He Explain that it is not in the fighting anymore. please lay down your weapons ?
How would he Say anything to those Muslims ? Right ? you think he will Fight them too ?
Are you expecting Superman ?
For me at least i think it was impossible to avoid seeing.
I think that was Also the Real Issue with some of your Issues if you only wake up and remember.
And if you do remember what you have dug up from the ground.
I think only then you will really be considered the best in the eyes of your Favorite Jesus.
and you will make all the World Have Jesus as a Favorite too.
But never your way.
So the trick is.
Find the black holes in what i wrote above.
Go through them and try to understand that It was never really a football match.
And it came so easily.
and it will be also easy on everyone.
Forget there is something called Islam and that is a prophet , ok .
We are supposed to understand them all and really find a good place in the heart to meet God.
In My Opinion, Yes Jesus is the answer and only through him you can start to make Miracles by being ones.
And the Miracle is that Arius was right. And you can still find his teachings.
Kind of a Zoroaster he was, i Believe in him just like Constantine did, at the end.
Now can you Be a Miracle of Understanding that You really messed up by saying he Died Because what comes after that is obviously Present but not so good you say… :slight_smile: hmmmmm… Well i think it should be time and of your duty to come to that experience that as if you were quiting smoking of something what are we but sincere beings to the Lord ? May God Bless and you will see to really have most of the light already. But I think a Doctrine was never meant to be. It is something much purer than that.
Also Saying a Lamb of God Is kind of Saying God is Lamb to Muslim & Arian Christians. Which there is plenty of evidence that you might find yourselves brain washed into a thing and think it is the same matrix.
Just calm down.
We do not complete each other. We are polarities of an Issue.
Death and resurrection/ Death and Re-birth
We both will loose some ground to come in the Middle.
Which already existed. And Just Came out like the latest news 1945 A bust of Gospels and also very mysterious ones too…
So who build the Pyramids Again ? and what is time ? what is Quantum ? hmmm… what are all those book ?
hmmmm… Jesus , Thank God there was a Hilter who Burned all the other books.
I thought that was the Relativism

this is absolutely the most important video i’ve heard in many years! thank you so much :slight_smile: GBU, your ministry and family!

~~ Thanks for the Video, & also Thanks to Mr. Costa as well for Shining the light on Such a painfully (both obvious & subtle) Real Thing now-a-days because All their PC language is Almost the only words acceptable for Many large and small groups alike. I, in my teen years, was also not far from getting a degree in Social Marxism til about age 18 or so I Noticed the old democrat party of the 1980’s was long gone & a new party had taken the same name. Once I realized All my Social Values were in lockstep with the GOP as well as the ‘cut taxes’ side & after a long consideration I switched. Aside from that I slowly started taking off my Atheist hat, became Agnostic briefly, then began a slow walk towards our Lord Jesus Christ. Also thought of how much stuff I already knew of way back then & idk if it’s Everyone at that age or if I was just one of a few ignorant punks that used to ridicule Christ, as well as any other religion… While at the same time I hadn’t even read the Bible! (Still working thru it, but I Love it!).
But back to my main point, Awesome Video & Thx for sharing it! You should share those Video’s with Dr. Jay Smith preferable one of the newer ones Showing the Waayyy High Likelihood of the Quron & the (False) Prophet Mohammad as either being either a Huge Fabrication outright or more likely a Redaction of a real dude from round abouts then!
~~ And, Just by guessing I’d Assume those Video Lectures on the new & gathered together info by those 10 or 12 highly esteemed European’s & the Major Issue’s of Islam that No-1 either Muslim or Otherwise even knew that they had. I’d compare these issues poised to hurt Islam (near fatally) to probable being Trapped inside Constantinople’s walls during the Siege for All that time & seeing the 1st wall get hit & fall… Cuz the Petra, Nabatean, Pegan Moon god w/ wife & kids connection to Obvious to miss. Say Allah ain’t the/a ‘moon god’??? Then why is it that on Every Muslim Mosque, & Much Elsewhere a Crescent Moon…? That assumes the Petra, No Arabic written record of Muhammad til 691 @ Dome of the Rock, ect of Dr. Smith’s questions have been halfway meaningfully answered. Lol.

I am copying this video onto my Channel. Brother David, if it’s a problem you are welcome to stop me. Thank you.

Ugh! That room needs some acoustic panels and the mic needs less compression to stop the ringing. Great info from Tony!