The INSANE Reason Canada Canceled ISIS Survivor’s Speech [Nadia Murad Censored]

Former Islamic State sex slave Nadia Murad was supposed to speak to Canadian students about her book, “The Last Girl: My Story Of Captivity.” Canadian officials canceled Murad’s presentation, claiming that her words might be offensive to Muslims.

For the New York Post article cited in this video (“Canadian school cancels ISIS survivor Nadia Murad over Islamophobia fears”), click here: Toronto school cancels ISIS survivor event with Nadia Murad

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just realized the end credits music is that of Ali Dawah’s declaration on the capital punishment for apostates and non-muslims “We’re proud of that” :sweat_smile: Hilarious

You will most certainly have issues with the government of Canuckistan if you dare speak out against Islam - you will be accused of Islamophobia which is illegal. Justine Turd’OH, our ‘dear leader’, has a hatred for anything Christian - in fact, he told two Christian ministers that “evangelicals are the worst part of Canadian society.” So, as a former, once proud Canadian, it’s open season on dissing Christ, Christianity and the Bible but not so against anything Islam!

Islam has nothing to do with Islam I guess :crazy_face: (Also Mohammad himself​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Enslaved by ISIS, Silenced by Trudue. Perfect coopration. :ok_hand:

I only wish that you included a phone number for the Toronto School Board. Then we could all light up their switchboard with our comments.

Wow, the audacity and self-owning of that woman who canceled the speaker. If I was that speaker I would say “I’m so sorry that my abduction wasn’t politically correct enough, you piece of shit.” I know we’re not supposed to cuss and have anger but I’m so mad!

Gross. Canada should be ashamed!

ALL those who have been silencing the truth will eventually be held accountable…These disgusting brainwashed simple minded idiots who have been hurting and killing and raping little girls etc will eventually pay…

Stupid sensors. Allow the truth to be ignored always.


What ISIS did was worse than what Russians did in invading Ukraine. And here we have Canadian govt supporting ISIS while condemning Russia (opposing ISIS sex slave survivor means supporting ISIS).

David’s sarcasm is on steroids

You may be right but the unfortunate fact is that there have been a few Mosques bombed in Canada over the last several years so the government is careful to discourage anything that would foster more Muslim hatred. This hatred has been around all over the west since 9/11 and it won’t likely end soon. There is no easy answer. Your video pretends that there is, disgusting.

This is disgusting and this is what the world is turning to. I can’t believe this. I am literally starting to see the tiny ways this world is changing so as to not offend Muslims and trigger “Islamophobia”. And now this! :exploding_head::confounded:Gosh. The world really needs to examine itself!

Canada. Home of ISIS and Khalistani terrorists.

I watch this channel regularly even though I am a hardcore fanatical atheist. One of the best videos I have seen so far about the “only true faith-Islam”. Canadian authorities have a similar disease like their UK common wealth masters, called “political correctness”. They don’t realize it’s mostly counterproductive even politically. An example of extreme political correctness is F%#*ing your mother because it’s politically correct. That’s what this video is about- Canada & it’s policy, land of all those who want to be free, REALLY!!!:smiley::rofl::wink::yum::hugs::thinking: motherland F%&*ed by some of its children.

Very disappointed in Canada, especially after supporting their Freedom Convoy with all my heart. May they clear out this evil government!

Ratko Mladic Did Nothing Wrong

Canada is so sensitive bruh that’s like not letting native Americans speak about their genocide cause it might offend Europeans :sob::sob: