The Islamic "Honor" Killing of Qandeel Baloch (David Wood)

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch was recently strangled to death by her own brother for dishonoring her family. Baloch had become a controversial figure in Pakistan for posting revealing photographs on Facebook. But the threats against her escalated after she embarrassed Islamic cleric Abdul Qavi by sharing a video of them in a room together.

News agencies are reporting that the murder of Qandeel Baloch had nothing to do with Islam. However, a closer look at Islam’s most trusted sources shows why honor killings are so common in Pakistan. In this video, David Wood examines the teachings of Muhammad to see if they support honor killings.

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Many times when mentioning honor killings, forced marriages, and other ways women and girls are controlled and terrorized in Islam, I get comments like “all religions have extremists” and “Christianity and Judaism (and other faiths) are sexist too.” BAH!!! So in other words, because “other religions are also misogynistic, not just Islam” we should just turn a blind eye to the abuses and struggles of Muslim women and girls, and not speak up for them. :unamused::roll_eyes:

You are wrong about India though

Diana hurt me most.

While I am an X muslim of Pakistan and an atheist by now I really feel sorry for such people that get killed in the name of honour tf . What is this shit* this islam is full of bullshit* it’s actually acknowledged to kill someone this is a complete lie that they say it is Haram even I am hiding the secret of me being an atheist of my own family they’ll kill me for sure without any hesitation because they follow their fuckin religion Soo much that everything seems bad to them that doesn’t follow islamic teachings and in islam they also do jihad which is to kill non believers of islam which is actually a war … you know what these shitty people call peace they call peace until and unless you follow the islamic teachings once you did a single action against their religion they will rip you off cut your throat . I don’t want to live here because for how long am I going to hide my believe as I am an atheist . I am waiting for me getting 18 I’ll leave these psychopath :angry:these people have no brain at all .

Dr. Wood, I have some reservation regarding the sati-custom that used to be rampant in certain section of Northern India. This custom started to avoid Muslim soldiers from taking the spoils of war after murdering the husbands. A lot of blood was shed because of that disease called Islam.

6.10 ‘never liked her’ So people that we do not like should be killed it seems. What a miserable worldview.

Hell is d best place for all followers of Mohammad where they will meet him with satan

Raja ram Mohan Roy stopped it, not james,
Although he was the first to raise the issue

I blame Isreal

Deuteronomy 22:20 kind of describes a type of honor killing. I am a Christian but want to be honest about what the Bible teaches. I think the Jesus would treat it the same way he did with the woman at the well. Also if you keep reading in the rest of the chapter the men get off a lot easier than the women.

David I have argued so long with you … but today this Humanity honour killings has shaken my faith… Now the Hindu RSS want to kill Kareena Kapoor for marrying a Mislim

feeling ashamed of that dark practice of Sati! thanks forl that good man!!!

Thank you David. Excellent post very informative and clear.

Please dont spread wrong information about islam.There is no such a concept called honour killing in islam.Honour killing is based on ignorance and disregard of moral and laws.Honour killing could be wrong cultural tradition. In islam there is no place for unjustifable killing.Allah said in the quran killing a person without a set reason is like destroying the entire humanity.The set reasons are a life for life,a married person who commits adultery,and one who forsakes his religion and abandons the community. Dont connect Islam and honor killing if you are spreading this messages of ignorrance while you know the truth behind Allah will punish you on the day of judment! You are trying to create misconception about Islam but Allah guides who he wills .Allah doesnt guide the ignorrant and arrogant.

Honour killings was the norm in Scandinavia before Christianity. It was called “Blood-Vengeance” or “Blodhevn” in the original languages.
This was the practice in Scandinavia as there existed no central court of law or law enforces who could see to it that punishments were dealt out properly.
The society was also based on family connections and honour. If someone murdered someone in my family, the response would not be to punish the one who did the crime, but to punish his family in an appropriate way that my family was punished.

When Christianity was introduced, one of the major things the Church tried to combat was this honour killing system. Bigger emphasis was laid upon settling and avoid vengeance, but it was not until the 13th century that kings could gather enough resources and, in large thanks to Christianity, create a justice system where the state would carry out punishments and that only the wrongdoer be punished, not his family.

Christianity got an official position in Scandinavia in the 11th century. It took the Church two centuries to fully get rid of Blood-Vengeance and help create a justice system with the rule of law.
Islam has existed in most of these countries, like Pakistan, for over a millennia and still honour killings exist as a normal practice.

Maybe the Muslim apologists are right in that Islam doesn’t encourage honour killings, but unlike Christianity, it’s not against it. Islam can integrate into a culture of honour killings and adopt honour killings in light of Islamic practices. Christianity cannot as Christianity lays emphasis on forgiveness. Jesus’ command to turn the other cheek is the clearest form of anti-honour retribution there is.

I left islam because it’s a fraud.

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