The Islamic View of Paradise (Jannah)

Muhammad didn’t win very many converts by using arguments or evidence. He won converts primarily by promising rewards: spoils of war (including female captives) if you win the battle, houris (specially designed sex slaves) in paradise if you lose the battle. Once people convert to Islam based on these promises, Sharia blocks them from leaving Islam. And people wonder why Islam grew so rapidly!

folks isn’t that having a good relationship with God like “father to children” is more benefits to a pervert who promises none but having sex with a lot of women?


Muslim view of heaven is perverted

Where this guy learned about Islam?!

  1. “The satanic verses “ are nonsense with no evidence
  2. Just a narrator talking- not the words of Muhammad that he went to a mountain top to commit suicide nor is it mentioned in the Quran.
  3. Someone did magic on Muhammad which made him wonder if he needed to pray when he had prayed already. It was cured with revelation from Allah. No mention of “delusions” or “false beliefs”
  4. Not idolatry. In fact his companions learned the opposite from Muhammad. ʿUmar wanted to make it clear that kissing the Black Stone is by no means done as an act of devotion to it, as people used to do with their stone idols.
  5. Not a pagan ritual because we are monotheists. It is your intention that makes something pagan or not.
  6. No deification. Sending peace upon the prophet AND all the righteous believers is what we do in prayers.
    The Kinana story didn’t happen at all. Just a fabrication. “The whole story (according to the narration quoted in tarykh at-Tabari) has heavy weaknesses, so most scholars consider it as fabricated.”
  7. The situation was regarding pagans pretending to convert to then “apostasise” to damage the integrity of the muslim community and spread believable lies.
  8. It means Christians/Jews coming under muslim rule in arabia
  9. (Q. 9:29) was revealed concerning the expedition to Tabuk, to face the Byzantine (Roman) Empire’s army
  10. The verse is not saying that stars are in the earths atmosphere.
  11. The verse is not saying the earths sun is submerged in a river- its describing a sunset
  12. Fabricated re contaminated water
  13. The Arabic doesn’t say the parent that ejaculates first
  14. The Prophet was so busy all day that his personal time should be respected no matter how generous he is with his time
  15. Neither
  16. not the same words used in the Quran and at Muhammads death for aorta. Also common idiom about dying in Arabic at the time. Also wouldn’t have every other verse in the quran supporting Muhammad.
  17. Some things he says about the Quran that make no sense. Its depth, wisdom, eloquence are matchless. It is preserved. It does not contain plagiarism because the stories are different in important respects that have to do with meaning. “sister of aaron” is an epithet. The quran mentions a woman known only as “the wife of Imran”
  18. Many more lies; no wife beating in islam- the quran is talking about a symbolic tap. Rape is a crime. Slavery was pre Islamic and Islam phased it out in stages because the arab economy ran on it. There was nowhere for captives to go after wars - they would die in the desert. The story re zayd is a fabrication. “garment” word in Arabic, means blanket or cloth not dress. Quotes about women generally misunderstood.
  19. “Allah loves not”…… idolatry is wrong, “deceivers” bad translation- means cant plot against whoever god helps.
  20. God is a Forgiver -so there will always be someone to forgive
  21. Prophets all go to paradise
  22. No one is punished for anyone elses sins in Islam
  23. People can read the descriptions of paradise in the Quran themselves
  24. Islam does not affirm the preservation of jewish and Christian scriptures- this isn’t in doubt by anyone “none can change the word of god” means none will change the the religion of god re the Islamic mission- Muhammad has no authority to compromise with pagan beliefs nor does he want to no matter how much they want Islam to change
  25. Jesus isn’t a failure in Islam and is a great Prophet
  26. There is no vicarious redemption in Islam and jesus is not god nor did he do anything that would make you even start contemplating he was the creator of the cosmos – all prophets could do miracles.

Al-lah #1 Pimp of the Whorehouse of Jannah

THIS is how you know this religion is of MAN and not GOD

perv paradise

Hudhaifah reported the Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) as saying :
A mischief-maker will not enter paradise

Narrated `Abdullah bin Qais:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Two gardens, the utensils and the contents of which are of silver, and two other gardens, the utensils and contents of which are of gold. And nothing will prevent the people who will be in the Garden of Eden from seeing their Lord except the curtain of Majesty over His Face

I’m so happy I left islam.

Shamoun and Wood’s mockery along with their disbelief will be their downfall if they don’t change before God Allah takes their souls at death.

But as Allah says n the Qur’an
“Faman shaa’a falyu’min. Waman shaa’a falyakfur.”
(For he who wishes to believe, let him believe. And he who wishes to disbelieve, let him disbelieve)

But when u stand before God Allah on Judgment Day, one thing u CANNOT SAY is “My Lord, I didn’t know about Islam. Nobody told me”

Muhammad’s paradise description is none other than what he actually seen in the Roman cities when he used to visit them with his trade caravan. They had heated pools surrounded with cabanas and sofas. The prostitutes dressed in the short transparent togas served their clients drinks of milk, honey, and wine. Some problems he experienced (1) despite prostitutes were extremely white in comparison to those he knew back home, but they were old and their bodies were flubbing, (2) the young boys were also too white but they were bleeding whenever he performed with them, (3) the milk, honey, and wine were corrupt with bacteria or not served fresh.

Despite of these problems, the level of pleasure was not available in his desert homeland and he considered it a paradise. Therefore, he described it in the Quran, but without these problems.

He mentioned that women will be virgins all the time, that their flesh is going to be so fresh to transparency, and the boys will never bleed, and milk, honey, and wine are fresh all the time.

Muhammad wanted to make himself the exemplar jihadist and vowed three times he wished to be killed in battle for allah’s cause so that he would go to the paradise.

Well! He was given the chance to die a martyr hero!

When he was hit in the face with a catapult rock that smashed his nose and teeth, making fall from his horse.
The archers began sorting arrows to kill him.
He screamed in horror to his followers to save him.
A follower named Musaad bin Omair sacrificed himself and saved him.

Why Muhammad passed this wonderful opportunity to go to his paradise and enjoy the boys and virgins?

Wait a second, you die and you go to heaven without a body, so what are u going to do with virgins?

oh man, that will turn all muslims into gay . Too much pussy is bad for your sexuality.

Come on David Wood If You are Man enough Than Come Have Debate With Dr Zakir Naik if you’re truthful.And Real Man. Then Only you Will Except the Challenge.

By THEIR FRUITS you shall know them…
Glory be to God for all things+++

By the way, what do women get?

I never laughed so much :joy::joy::joy: