The Jizya Debate: Shaykh Uthman vs. David Wood, Allah, Muhammad, and Ibn Kathir

When David Wood asked Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq (One Message Foundation) about a recent tweet that mentioned jizya, Shaykh Uthman offered to explain jizya. This led to a discussion about what the Quran, Muhammad, and Ibn Kathir say about jizyah (money paid to Muslims by dhimmis for protection).

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Do you know how you can tell when Uthman is lying?
His lips are moving!

I mean the difference in this video just shows a person with various COMPLETE knowledge, going against a man that is LITERALLY picking points while google searching with no respect to context or ANY understanding. Why did he even post this video?? He should take this whole channel down and go do SOME proper research before acting like he is a scholar. Truly Shameful

this shaykh can’t speak a full sentences without making ad hominem… what fun!

Jiyzia is not paying 20¢ to the Islamic treasury.
Jiyza payment has no upper limits

The shaykh is a control freak and very belittling to his interlocutor

Alhamdulillah, I’m well taught to be respect to people with different religion. I’m believe in my beautiful islam, not by action by human. May the greatest Allah s.w.t bless all of you :heart:

Many non-Muslim countries are anti-Islam, but have you heard of anti-Christian Muslim countries? :rofl::rofl:

2.54 the meaning of the text has been manipulated, there is no such a thin as by paying jizya in that particurly arabic text. am sorry but you two have to be honest with audiance

David reminds me of my kid brother when I teach him something is wrong and he starts laughing and refusing to understand.

This liar sheikh should be met with @Brother Rachid or @Hamid Abdel-samad then they’ll shove it on his face…

Habibi, Go to any synagogue in the world and you will see 100% IDENTICAL LETTER FOR LETTER HEBREW TORAH (old testament)
When the jews came back to israel in 1948, from Egypt,Yemen,poland,Russia,Iran,Iraq,Germany,lybia,Morocco, Ukraine, Hungary,Syria,Tunisia,Yemen etc etc
NOW, YOU FOOLS CLAIM, The torah is corrupt, SHOW US THE ORIGINAL TORAH YOU BASE YOUR CLAIM ON :rofl::rofl: fancy making a claim without an ounce of proof to back it up

It’s amazing how clear it is to witness the arrogance and sly deceitfulness with which abdools carry themselves right before ones eyes. I’m convinced this cult is from dark forces

David Wood the nut job getting his ass wooped as always

Whatever David is, he is certainly tall.

If Hindus don’t want service from Muslims :joy::joy::joy: shame.Such a manipulated Policy of how to Loot from Non -Muslims,for the reason to covert to cult Muslim religion

David so lucky got a free teaching

Islam is full of deceit and double mindedness

The art of deceit

Again, the word of men can only be interpreted by scholars; the True Word of God can be used to interpret itself