The Jizya Debate: Shaykh Uthman vs. David Wood, Allah, Muhammad, and Ibn Kathir

I used to think the Pharisees were hidebound but Muslims are the ones

LOL hiding behind the skirts of men

If it’s so “clear” why all these lifelong scholars?
Admit it Uthman, the Koran is from man, not God.

The Koran is derivative - get it?

Only men can interpret the manmade Koran, but the Bible can interpret the Bible, that’s the real difference.

drop the straw men Uthman

“You’re not a scholar” LOL Thee guys are so stuck in the clergy/laity paradigm!

Other scriptures are not the equivalent of the human made koranic commentaries Uthman

“things that have been changed” :smiley: The Bible is better attested than the Koran, indeed than all other so-called scripture.

No Uthman YOU’re done LOL

“I didn’t write it” :smiley: Uthman is so transparent

Uthman is deliberately pretending to not understand, or maybe just doesn’t get that the Law was abolished by its fulfillment.

Is that guy married? Why’s he puzzled about “woman and balls”?

All I hear this bearded guy is blah…blah…blah…blah…blah!!!

David murdered him…. “Finish Him”

It is so hard to listen to deceived idiots and liars. One can take so much of the ignorant followers of the fake islam, religion of porn.

this sheikh is just telling a l big fat lie jizyah is not a tax and is not compared to zakah a muslim pays 2.5% of their wealth as zakah while christians and jews should pay jizyah which is a tribute that non muslims pay to became alive and muslims won’t kill them because they are obligated from their allah to kill every non muslim except people of the book ie jews and christians whom they must pay jizyah or die if you don’t and here is the lie vanishes have you ever seen a government kill a citizen whom didn’t pay taxs and how mush is this jizyah it is at least 60% of his annular income and when you die belive it or not jizyah don’t die with you your relatives had to pay your jizyah plus their own jizyah did you know now how this kalifates get wealthy did you know how this bayt al-mal became stuffed with money they were just draining jews and christian blood like vampires

I have watch video for the both side, but… David why did you always attacks islam? Arnt it better if you also did the same thing as this seykh person? Preaching gospel to the people?

David Wood has a patience of steel. Sheikh Farooq is a master of equivocation, misdirection, and sophistry. Farooq kept on insulting, degrading, and belittling David but David kept on a mission to expose fraud that Farooq apparently is.

Keep up the good work, man.b

When I was a kid, an Algerian woman who taught me Islamic studies mentioned Muslims don’t have to move out of the way for non Muslims. She brought this up because she was angry one of her husbands friends moved out of the way saying “excuse me” for an American family on some NJ beach boardwalk.

She chewed him out for that “You’re Muslim, you don’t have to move out of the way, they do!”. And she told us impressionable little kids at an Islamic school about this story.

Can you imagine being polite and respectful is haram in some peoples twisted minds?

I hate religion now. It repulses me.