The Logic of Prophet Muhammad (and How to Turn It against Him!)

In Islam’s most trusted sources, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered many arguments, using his own version of logic. What happens if we use Muhammad’s “logic” and “reasoning” against him? Will our Muslim friends accept our arguments, derived from the Quran and Sunnah? Or will they recognize the fallacy and spot the fallacies in their own prophet’s claims? Find out as Islam Critiqued goes through the Hadith and exposes Muhammad over and over again.

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I’m not Muslim and I agree with almost everything on this channel but to be fair when Muhammad uses women’s testimony as evidence that they are half as intelligent it makes sense if he’s saying because Allah says their testimony is worth half as much, then they think that means it’s an undesirable fact, therefore they must be half as intelligent. Just playing devil’s advocate and trying to be fair.

Any islamic sources on Khaybar butchering?

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