The Miracle of the Quran’s Perfect Preservation

Has the Quran changed over time? Muslim scholars and apologists claim that the Quran has been perfectly preserved for nearly fourteen centuries, and that this is a miracle proving that the Quran is from God. But David Wood has found something else that’s been perfectly preserved. By comparing the perfect preservation of the Quran with this other perfectly preserved thing, we can finally begin to understand Islam’s greatest miracle.

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What other things can you think of that have been perfectly preserved like the Quran?

Answer: Quran 2:106

Using VPN to see this video! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Because this video is banned in my country (A Christian from a Muslim country)

What about your Bible ???

Wait you go to neraka jahanam rasa lah nanti azab allah

“Perfectly preserve is perfectly preserved by perfectly preservation” This is how quran works :joy::joy:

Alas, poor Yorick! Lol, as an English major, just love that Hamlet reference.:sweat_smile:

I just want answers for those questions [ why does god need a son as Christians saying that he(jesus) is the son of god ? Why his son was eating and drinking also bleeding just like normal people ? If he is the son of god he doesn’t need food or drinks or sleeping right ? Well don’t be mad because if you just think for a moment that God is powerful and he doesn’t need rest because he doesn’t get tired okay ? Is he really going to take a weak son of humans? Because people die so will jesus]

Oh good those who have 1000 different version of bible talk about the preservation of quran which has been the same for 1500 years without any change. Its so funny.

It has been preserved there was a Quran found from the prophets time and it’s the same word by word can’t say the same about the bible

The Qurans I find on playstore is uttered with wierd English.
Please can some direct me to where I can find the pure one

Hello David, could you kindly include your references in the video description so that we can easily look them up when doing research. Thanks in advance brother!

Al-hamdoulilah. We can say with full pride that Allah preserved the quran for us, word for word, letter for letter. I notice that you are a bit jealous, as a Christian you are worried about preservation of the quran because you cannot claim the same thing about the bible.

There are holes in yorik like bible had lol David wood your worst representative of Christianity be like James white u really need to learn some basic character with James white … We know people like u and we know how to handle people like you …

The relatively recent discoveries of what is commonly referred to as the “numerical miracle” of the Qu’ran suggests nothing is missing; if there was something missing the repetition of certain words/phrases wouldn’t line up. Thus God takes it upon Himself to preserve the Qu’ran. Let me know if you know of another book that does that. Whether or not you see that as a sign from God is your choice, just like other signs presented to the ancients before us. A kind and respectful bidding of peace

The Qur’an is perfectly preserved

That is definitely an example of a perfectly preserved human being. After all, David said so an what authorities say is ALWAYS correct.

Stop lying and chery picking. Uthman (Ra) standardised the quran in one dailect (out of the 7) even through all 7 dailects were revealed by Allah but the new muslims and people didn’t knew it and started fighting over it. So to stop this he gathered the remaining memorizers of Quran and the scripts of Quran written by the people from the blessed mouth of prophet and compiled by the order of chapters taught by prophet(saaw) and made sure the written scripts are accurate by calling more than one memorizer to recite from their memory and find is it matching with scripts and if multiple people reciters match their recitation with the scripts then they would write it down until finally they completed the work and told to burn any remaining scripts so no future generations get confused finding less surah in some scripts and also with scripts which has mistakes while writing it down like forgetting a word, adding words, grammar mistakes etc like today we have Sanna manuscripts which have multiple mistakes and some Christians like Jay Smith and ex Muslims Abdullah Sameer and gonadal using it against the quran but no Muslims use Sanna Quran and also has already proved that it has multiple mistakes and words forgotten to write down and repeation of words of another verses so it is not an authentic manuscript.
But utmanic Quran was carefully written and is authenticated with the help of multiple memorizers reciting in the same way. And it didn’t had any markings on letters so no people can read it except by studying it from the expert memorizers of quran so it was preserved it writings and also transmitted orally.
But even through the quran was written by uthman (Ra) in one dailect and also people couldn’t read it except with the help of teachers but the teachers knew how to recite in 7 dailects so this resulted in formation of different qirrats which is the choice of words of recitation like for example “king” instead of “owner”. The qiraats are all authentic becoz it is formed from the seven ahruf and difference is only in like plurality of words, gender, similar words like king instead of owner, and change prepositions like it for he which won’t effect the verse but gives another meaning to it. And also you can form different qiraats by mixing the words of 7 dailects, so qiraats are basically mixture of dailects so qiraats can be like in 100’s but 10 become most popular among Muslims and we still used it today and about 90% of Muslims today use the hafs qirat of the Quran. Therefore Quran is preserved.
There is nothing miracle about this except that Allah promised to guard it because religions like Christianity,Judaism and Hinduism has their scriptures changed and prophet muhammad(pbuh) being the last prophet with the last book and message of God must be protected. And we can see the hadith and Quran have multiple authentic narrations.

I’ve enjoyed watching alot of your debate’s & agree with most of your views regarding Islam as being a false religion but you cross the line at times & you come across a weasel in alot of your videos.
It just kinda feels like you plot down a list of how you can be disrecpful to Islam. I believe you should express your true thoughts but your starting to regurgitate alot of ideas you’ve already expressed. Basically just remixing old points.
Maybe your thinking “as long as the views keep coming I’ll keep churning out videos”.
If you consider your a truth seeker. Talk about some inconsistencies in the Bible aswell because there are many. Don’t pretend as though the Bible is perfect. Neither the Bible or Quran are perfect book’s.