The Most Important Quran Verse You’ve Never Read

In Surah 6, verse 108 of the Quran, Allah commands: “And do not abuse those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest exceeding the limits they should abuse Allah out of ignorance.” An examination of the historical background provides the secret to preventing needless insults.

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I put together this video on Quran 6:108 because I thought there should be a detailed discussion of the verse before I post my first “Quran-ogami” tutorial. Bob the Builder has also shared his thoughts on Quran desecration: Those in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones | Bob | Speakers Corner - YouTube

this is the time all of us come together to end this evil, terrorist follwers of islam

7:15 lies lies lies lies. they told him to stop the message and give him every thing he refused.:blush:

6:42 he wanted nothing no money no nothing they offered him everthing he was alone he wanted to continue the message :blush:

5:13 not true prophet mouhammed was tortured and kicked for being massenger. then after his massege succeded they started negociating with him to stop by offering him money etc

u shouldn’t put books in the background, it doesn’t work

Romans 10:9 (KJV)
9 that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Excellent message David, time to stand up to the abusive muslims behaviour and words! Get the Kryptonite ready!

First of all, thanks for showing this.
Also, he talks about dressing up for their captor. That’s total BS. The queens who were gonna get captured threw themselves in fire :fire: so they could not be raped.

Ex muslim Arab here brother… the muslim and/or arab only respect strength. Western civilization need to man up or there won’t be any civilization.

Remember brothers and sister that Jesus came in flipping tables in righteous anger

OMG… Watching this made my faith more stronger in Islam… Thanks dude … I had major doubts in Islam… You just cleared all…
Glory to Allah

David, great point. Encouraged by this, and reminded that people may attack you and accuse you of all sorts of things, but that doesn’t mean what they’re saying is true - they are often just doing their best to hurt you (example, the accusations against the Christian woman in the video you linked). I’ve experienced this sort of attack before and it was wildly discouraging - even causing me to question myself and beleive the accusations - but I am encouraged not to take these accusations to heart as they are merely designed to shut down and stifle so that the darkness that is so prevalent may continue to be. Satan does not like Christians being effective at bearing witness and it is to be expected that we will face hostilities in trying to preach the good news.

The fact that David was diagnosed as a sociopath before he got saved makes this all the better :clap: :rofl: :joy:

Jesus Loves You :heart:

Polytheists: “Stop insulting our gods and goddesses, or we insult allah.”
Mohammad: surprised pikachu face

Religion of Lusts of the flesh.
Do what you want
When you want
To who ever you want
Use fear
Use power
This is The Bully
Change your mind as you go
As your the prophet allah will also change and let you do what you want
The life of the prophet is a total contradiction
He broke every commandment of The 1 True God
Who was it in the first story in the Tanahk in Genesis 3 who was a liar and twisted The Word Of God?
The serpent
The old Covenant says that
A New Covenant is needed and coming
Through Messiah
Jesus Christ comes through The Virgin
The New Covenant says Jesus was :latin_cross:
Crucified for humanities Sin and death
Jesus is Resurrected :dove:

Who twisted this message?
Allah & his only prophet
He was not from Israel he was not martyred in Jerusalem as The sign of A True Prophet
He had no self control ~ The fruit of The Holy Spirit
But rather did what he liked when where and with whom
Even killing & lying so he could
In a hostile atmosphere of fear
Just like he received in the cave from the spirit he met
That spirit of fear is still holding people under the grip
We Born Again From Above Believers and followers of Yeshua HaMashiach The Lord Jesus Christ need to pray in The Holy Spirit for their deliverance and salvation :latin_cross::dove::heart::pray:t6::pray:t4::pray:t2:
In Jesus Wonderful Name

What a childish, pathetic religion.

No man stepped in to shut that guy harassing Hatun up???