The Multiverse Response to the Problem of Evil

Atheists often respond to the cosmic fine-tuning argument by appealing to the multiverse. If our universe is one of a vast (possibly infinite) array of universes, perhaps a life-permitting universe isn’t so improbable after all. But if atheists can appeal to the multiverse to answer cosmic fine-tuning, can’t theists appeal to the multiverse to answer the problem of evil?

William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith animated video on the fine-tuning of the universe: The Fine-Tuning of the Universe - YouTube

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Check out my classic video on the Argument from Reason (but be prepared to be blinded by sheer awesomeness when you see me in my caveman outfit!): - YouTube

So how does this address the problem of evil?

The problem of evil is simply a more rigorous formulation of the observation that a) God can do anything, b) God hates evil, c) there’s evil… d) so what’s up with that?

Pointing out that it’s possible God created other worlds without evil isn’t even a response. It would be like if someone was heartbroken over the loss of a loved one and I asked if they’d considered that my loved one is still alive.

If God is all Powerful then why did he fine tuned the universe, why couldn’t he created us in a universe where there is no fine tuning?

Some time ago I saw a documentary where scientists are running simulations on “universe building”.

They are basically letting a supercomputer manipulate the fundamental constants in a simulation and see if they get a result.

They did get something like an alternate universe.

But to me this is hardly proof of the nonexistence of God. It only raises the probability that alternative universes might exist.
But that doesnt solve the problem of why they exists.

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Not all Atheists claim everything is by chance (although chance does play some role). We believe universe(s) is governed by eternal natural laws which plays the key role in how things shape up given the circumstances (which is random). Given the timeless time, matter/energy, and natural laws a favourable outcome is probable out of random events.

Multiverse was cool for Marvel, but it’s a fantasy in real lifee

Forgive me if im strawmanning but, I think this argument fails because what if we just happen to live in the universe where humans sometimes are so delusional to the point where they become miracle performing prophets, this just what i think may happen if the multiverse is true. not a professional philosopher though.

The multiverse does exist, in the windmills of physicists minds… I like my woppers with cheese, but this bolony is b rd for me to swallow…

If we take the multiverse response to the problem of evil into consideration, there still would be the problem of the suffering infinite un time, i.e. hell. Maybe an omnipotent God can creaste infinite universe; but, would a good God allow suffering to be infinite for anyone, specially very intense and trapping suffering?

Despite no fact support atheists believe in multiverse to discard one God, when we have sufficient facts to believe in God

You don’t even need a Multiverse for that (which is not very parsimonious and thus violates Occam’s Razor). You could just say that God might have done things a little different on different planets. Like described in the Space Trilogy by C. S. Lewis (perhaps with more planets).

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Paul described multiple levels of heaven which makes perfect sense there’d be multiple universe but God simply has allowed life to flourish only in this one

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