The #MyJihad Campaign

Ahmed Rehab and CAIR-Chicago recently launched their “My Jihad” campaign (#MyJihad) in an effort to whitewash Muhammad’s teachings and fourteen centuries of Islamic violence. But is Jihad really about making friendships and exercising? David Wood, Robert Spencer, and Pastor Joseph turn to the Quran and other Muslim sources in search of the truth.

Well done Robert and David, great work to enlighten the ignorant and show them the light. From Scotland

You are only spreading hate and deceiving people about the real Jihad, Spencer is not the guy u discuss jihad with him, he is becoming a billionaire because of his jihad site, which only spreading Lise and Islamic phobia, you have 2 guys are the most deceiver guys in the the media.

Ty, Merry Christmas to all.

Everything the Myjihad stands for is HYPOCRITICAL

Jihad means stay away from Islam :joy:

In indonesia, a fatwa made the muslims haram saying merry christmas to christians. In malaysia, we cannot say Allah as God. GOD is translated as Allah in malay language, the same as Indonesian language

my jihad is to eat more vegetables

Hi dear brothers, all these bloodshed and jihad are only for 72 virgins in paradise… …i have a small doubt, that, will they get any aids or HIV…??? naturally they will get…

Hi my dear brothers, the only way to counter this menace is " tooth for tooth, eye for eye, tit for tat "… The Christian world must realise that this is the only solution…

Hi dear jihadis, if you want to kill people, better you start from your family… kill your wife, kill your daughters and sons, your mother, then father, brothers and sisters etc etc… you will be a good role model like mohamood…

Hi jihadi friends, the easiest way to get more wounds is, just fall down from the cliff of a mountain… please don’t wound innocent people…

Hi brothers, I don’t know why the American media is very much biased…?? Why this condition in such an advanced country…??.. this condition is not to be seen even in poor or low literate countries…!!!.. this hypocracy is for either for money or due to FEAR for life…

Hi brothers, the reward for jihadis is 72 women in paradise…so the men and women ratio will be disproportionate…how it would be…???

Hi dear brothers, why not we campaign against this group by the same coin " jihad "…??? " tit for tat "…??

My Jihad means in German : mein Kampf.
They do not want to be judged by wonen without a veil.
But they all condemn women without a veil.
And fellow women you want to be circomcised?
To get your clitoris cut off?
Yes? Join Islam.

None of the example of teaching of Muhammad ibn `Abdullah promote any injustice.
Opposing jihad is proof of laziness.
My page encourages everything Islam has to say about violence.
David Wood is completely schooled in his claims against Islam and his idea of people not accepting Islam out of knowing Islam by me and any other detailed Islamic speaker.
Robert Spencer is likewise easy to refute by those who study Islam.
The Bible allows lying to gain converts rather than Quran.

I love how David smacks his lips when he talks. hahahahaha! Thanks God for these guys!

if a little boy die at age 5. if he believe Buddha is allah’s partner, and this boy goes to heaven?!!!

Haven’t you heard? The Muslim men will be rewarded with 72 raisins when they reach paradise! Obviously, Muhammad thought very highly about raisins! :wink: