The New Stockholm Syndrome

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“Stockholm syndrome” occurs when hostages form an emotional or psychological bond with their captors. But there’s a new kind of Stockholm syndrome that occurs when victims of terror defend the ideology that promotes terrorist attacks.

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Veterans from the crusades and both world wars and even other walls throughout history would be turning over in their graves knowing that we have now become so weak and spineless that we just give into the enemy rather than fighting for what we have I don’t like war as much as the next person but at the same time I understand sometimes it is necessary in order to defend what we have

The belief that government is good is also a massive collective form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Don’t get the establishment and the media mixed up with the normal people of the west.

They do not represent each other at all.

Yes all governments and religions do this all though this is a very clear example thank you for the illumination. Anarchy is the is the only way to self ownership peace and true freedom no human has the right to rule another human .

Muslims are suffering from Stockholm syndrome as well. Their tormentor is Islam, but they’ll do anything to defend it. They’ll actively keep themselves from being educated. They’ll resort irrational pitiful arguments to defend morally flawed claim. They’ll claim anybody who doesnt knows Arabic cant know what the Quran says and such person is unfit to make any comment on Islam, whilst they themselvs dont understand it either, only remembers the sounds of the verses and how to copy it. Any historian who makes claims that put Islam in bad light is untrustworthy, just because. And so on and so on. There is no rational way of talking to them. They cant think straight when you ask them to defend Islam. That is from my experience.
But they are good people in general, just like everybody else.

If the muslims were as bad as you made out, you do realise how many muslims there are dont you?
You are falling for the false flags and proxy armies that are hired by the banking and oil cabal…
Wake up dont fall for it.

I was waiting for this to come

james yeager brought me here

That Book has got to go…

the anti-Christ pope is the one promoting this syndrome…

In the West Muslims have all but perfectionised being a victim. If they want something and they don’t get it… they are victims of the bad withe Islamhaters, the racists. Immediately there are leftists rounding up lawyers to help out the poor victimised Muslims. That’s the way it has been working for some time now. There is another point, being an Islamprotecter seems to be cool or something. Indeed, if you dare to discuss some rather stupid or hateful things that Islam stands for, you are all but shunned. I remember after the bombing of Brussels airport there were Muslims dancing in the streets of Brussels, celebrating the terror attack. Our governments has don all it could to deny this fact. Afterwards the people who lost family and friends in the terror attack were singing together with Muslims for peace. (Only one man, his wife died in the airport, refused to attend the event). They had a big sign saying “this is not Islam” . According to those Muslims Islam is a tolerant, peaceful religion. I guess they should start with reading their holy book. It’s like there is something wrong with the people’s minds if it concerns Islam. A total brainfreeze or so… I must say that I get more worried by the week…

I think we’d all be hard pressed to find any evidence that Muslims are “kind” to each other or show any “mercy” to one another, so the entire platform of this cult begins with deceit and is fertilized with massive doses of lunacy. 2nd Corinthians 4:4

Great video and Message

I must say you are really a narcissist huh? Anyways…

  1. Surah 9 which is known as Surah Taubah is a permission from Allah to the Prophet SAW to fight the Disbeliever in a war context after years of subjugation by the Quraisy. Its to use in context and there are ethics of war which the Muslims admitably do not follow. You ought to know that david…

  2. The Hadeeth is that when the Muslim are in power. What is meant by “To fight until disbeliver bears witness that Nothing is worthy of worship but Allah…” is to strive in giving da’wah to the non-believers. Had it been interpreted like david’s, when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem and Rome, no kufar will be alive…

  3. Indeed the worst creatures in the sight of God are those who chose to deny him. Arent those who break even the smallest law will be the lowest in the kingdom of heaven?

Praise God! Thank you for this video, David. After the USA dropped a ‘Mother bomb’ on ISIS some folks on the left lost their minds. And I was wondering: “Why the heck do certain people defend people who wishes nothing more but to murder them?”

Stockholm syndrome. Sadly, that’s true.

Well, Sweden does have the highest percentage of atheists, don’t they?
But most americans don’t like muslims and it is only the left and commies that defend them.

Please could you tell me the book you are reading from?

So Mr Quran quoter, in surah 48:29 you point out that the believers are merciful among themselves. But you are so myopic that you only see the few Western victims, and forget to mention that the staggering majority of victims of ISIS and other jihadis are Muslims themselves. You have just proven that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam but hijacking the costume.
And if you indeed have studied Quran, you will be aware of the frequent repetition of that the text is a message that must be read as a whole, and you cannot cherry pick those passages that suit your purposes. As with the Bible you can find as many vehement exhortations to violence as of peaceful reconciliation and respect. Whatever your agenda is you can always find passages that endorse your plans, in both texts.There are rotten eggs in all baskets unfortunately, and since you in US are 12.000 times more likely to be killed by an armed citizen than a jihadi, you should maybe put some more effort in focusing on a domestic syndrome