The New York Times Is Now the Puppet of Twitter Mobs (Bari Weiss Explains)

Op-Ed writer and editor Bari Weiss quit her job at The New York Times in epic fashion, writing a letter of resignation that exposes the bias and insanity in modern journalism. According to Weiss, Twitter mobs are now the real editors of the NYT. Let’s go through a few passages of her letter.

Read Bari Weiss’s resignation letter here: Resignation Letter — Bari Weiss

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Which media outlets do you trust MOST? Which do you trust LEAST?

I saw an article on the New York Times about open marriage. Sugar coating adultery with a new word they are

The New Pork Times

Many media outlets are highly factual, but use loaded language and omit the rest of the facts to shape the thoughts of dependant thinkers.

I get Muslim dawaa and charity ads with these videos. I’m not their audience.

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Same thing here in Australia. Twitter comments are used in so many stories which suit their narrative which is usually ORANGE MAN BAD. I only check the news online these days to count how many negative Trump stories are running today. Just propaganda machines unfortunately but slowly some of the sheep are waking up.

New york times = cnn paper version!!!


Funny, if a newspaper stood solidly on facts and simply honestly reported news without spins, twists or opinions, I bet a whole lot of people would want to get news from such a paper/news company.

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And these are the people who hate metanaratives

There is plenty of great journalism—increasingly in the new media that empowers individuals—just not at the old monopoly media sites. There are still some great Twitter accounts. If people use their liberty to peddle lies, they’ll gain the world and lose their souls.

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▓▒░ And now it’s all right, it’s okay.
And you may look the other way.
But we can try to understand
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“Remember when you could trust the New York Times? neither”