The Nigerian Genocide the Media Won’t Talk About

Hundreds of Nigerian Christians were killed for their faith during the first quarter of 2022. Since the Government of Nigeria is doing nothing to prevent the attacks, the violence is sure to continue. Some are even wondering if Nigerian leaders are complicit in carrying out a genocide against Christians.

For the International Christian Concern article quoted in this video (“Nigeria is World’s Scariest Country to be a Christian”), click here: Nigeria is World’s Scariest Country to be a Christian | Persecution

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I am a Christian apologist who Iives in Nigeria. Thanks to DW and other christian apologists in the west for your contents and we have been converting your videos and writings onto local languages in the country and we have been engaging the Muslim clerics here in the western part of the country. We are doing this by writing articles, creating website, doing videos, debating Muslims and others means. We need to reach more people in the country though we still struggle to get all these done. We are believing God to save souls. Thanks


If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything and one mans stiffened spine can stiffen an army

I think it comes down to the fact that Christians are not united. If a Jewish synagogue is vandalised the newspapers in Israel will definitely publish it. If a Muslim guy is dead in the streets of Palestine, this news will reach everyone within two hours max. But the Christians are the worst in this regards, we talk about gays and climate change, just to look cool in front of people but never about true issues that are really difficult and need to be discussed. This is the sort of Christianity that Anglicanism is. It began with Anglicanism, now it’s beginning to infect Catholicism, particularly the Europeans. We used to highlight persecuted Christians in Diocesan newspapers in our countries, we used say prayers for them, now not so much. I don’t even remember about any clergyman ever speaking about persecuted Christians for the past decade or so. More often than not, Christianity is often seen as a Western religion it is not. It far much more diverse, this is perhaps the reason for the international media, which is more often than not Western media, glosses over these atrocities. Time for all Christians to put persecuted Christians on top of our agenda. There is a need to see what can we do alleviate their sufferings.

But what occurs in Iraq :iraq: , only ,
I am not talking about all the genocides that was being done to the Muslims in whole of the world but only one country .
Have you ever Been talked about what the USA :us: did to the Iraqis people for the sake of their faith.
Why wouldn’t have talked about ?

What about the Genocide in Palestine, Iraq,Syria, Yemen,Libya and Afghanistan David? Ohhh yeaahhh I got you… Americans were defending their freedom :joy:

We must continue to spread the truth of Christianity.

Everyday we are praying for David Wood as he is converting Muslims to Christianity as we speaks…because of all the lies of Muslim that has been exposed and debunk by David…every lies of Muslim will be taken into the lights…

I have no clue this is happening!! I am with you my christians brothers and sisters. God bless you. I am from ateistic state Czech Republic where 80 % are ateists/agnostics and 8 % catholics. Government is using different tools to supress christianity…but numbers are lower and lower every year. We are suppressed everywhere :frowning: Governments are in hands of Satan but Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of the Lords. Halelujah!

after learning about the depravity of islam I stopped feeling sorry for the slims in China. infact… BRAVO CCP, BRAVO

The msm tries to keep attention focused on Israel and away from the persecution of Christians in Africa. The question I have is who is paying them?

I wish many White people reasoned like you.

Now Christians know what it feels like to be persecuted. And I have no sympathy for them at all. It is about time they get what they deserve. Or has David forgotten that Christianity has persecuted Jews for well over two thousand years. Come back to me in two thousand years and then I’ll feel sympathy for them.


allah does not care about christians

Shame on those Followers of the fierce prophet Muhammad

God bless Nigeria…peace be there…in the name of yesust christ

All So called Moderate Muslims are ticking time bombs waiting to go off. You think they’re not gonna all become radicalized when their Mahdi shows up?

Yeah, this information needs to be disseminated!