The ONE Apologetics Book EVERY CHRISTIAN Should Read in 2022

It’s a new year, so it’s time to read another Christian apologetics book! The book every Christian needs to read in 2022 is . . .

“Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible,” by J. Warner Wallace.
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Thanks so much David, that means a lot to me coming from you! You’re right about how little most of us learn (and know) about the unparalleled impact of Jesus. It’s definitely time to correct that.

Mr. Wood
I really hope that Jesus will come soon and if you’re alive when he comes, I am sure you will have the shock of your life.

Well David, I’ve looked around and realised that Christianity is the most opposed religion among the atheist, Islam also opposed it, others do the same and I’ve noticed that satan is at work fighting the truth. I don’t see any other truth that satan is fighting as Christianity. This is according to what I’ve witnessed myself. Talk to atheist he’ll take you to Christianity and others do the same.

Thank you David for your kind information and enlightenment. God bless you.

Or…people can just learn the truth.


Does it come in audiobook ?

David you are a great speaker and you gave an excellent intro on this video. Yes, we do have a new world to approach and the churches seem very weak in this situation. One of the strongest points that should be used to capture the attention of unbelievers is the fact that the Bible alone is loaded with instances that demonstrate its capacity to predict multiple future events and furthermore to recount the fulfillment of those predictions again and again. The events are readily verified… events such as Passover, with well over two million persons having lived it and their descendants still celebrating it TODAY. Truth + facts catch our attention.

Got the book. Good read. Interesting perspective.

Here is what everybody should be reading in 2022. Matthew chapter 16 verse 28 I dare you.

Keep it up Dr. Wood we will help you pray for those atheist may the Lord soften their hearts to accept the truth about Christ.

I have read half the book (125 out of 255 pages) in two days. Yesterday I read from midnight until 5 in the morning without pause. It’s really captivating, using simple language, easy to read, amazing content. Thanks for the recommendation!

I don’t think I know it all but I’ve always disliked reading books about the Bible or how we Christians should walk when I can get instructions straight from the Bible meaning straight from God not men. When I attempt a 2 year college I quickly learned college is just a brain washing institution my opinion that people take lawn for & pay thousands to get brainwashed. A Free Mason scam. That’s why people that graduate college feel they have to power or authority to deceive others & if you don’t drink their Kool-aid they say “Oh you don’t have an education you never graduated college” lol … I laugh at that inside…

The book I thought you were going to recommend, which would also be another must read in my opinion is Lee strobel’s the case for Christ.

These changes are scary. The biggest one: critical thinking, reason and logic are “Racist”, hence, making “arguments” impossible.

Great video, Mr. Woods. Love your stuff, but couldn’t find a video in your library on the miracle that there’s not a valid question that can be explained by any biblical claim of deity. Nobody else has made a video about this miracle, either. Yet, of course, it’s the only validated miracle about the Bible. Wide-open opportunity for you here to publicize this miracle, don’t you think?


6 minutes of this guy talking until he finally gets to the dang book

I love to read :sweat_smile: is it just me !?