The Palm Sunday Bombings: Are Coptic Christians Islamophobes?

On April 9th, 2017, ISIS-linked jihadis bombed Coptic Christians at St. George’s Church and St. Mark’s Cathedral in Egypt. Since these attacks have been going on for centuries, and since the attacks are promoted in the Qur’an and the Hadith, are Copts irrational for being concerned about Islam?


Pray for my country!!! Islam is slowly creeping in & my country is a very small tiny island nation. Everyone here is Christian!

I would call it Islamodisgust.

catholics are not Christians

As a Copt, I don’t hate Muslims. I have many Muslim friends and most Muslims truly care about peace and the well-being of others. However, I do mind being governed by their ultra-conservative sharia law. I want Egypt to be a secular country where everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

This is what Islam does when its majority

Brother just saying we said Allah even before some muslims did. Its not an name but an word

Orthodox Christians and Oriental Christians are rationally afraid of Islam.

Actually we Copts accept our cross in joy

I’m with you Dr Wood.

David I’m Orthodox Christian they killed my people in 1915 cuz we were Christian

Hi bro David, to be sure, pope Francis is the anti Christ and anti Christian. His statements, without doubt prove it. One question…if we all Christians rise against muslims, just think , what will happen… They take our meekness for weakness…not at all… GOD bless you dear. May Lord Jesus protect you and your family…

Please don’t forget the persecuted Christians of Pakistan. It’s worse in Pakistan.

The good Christian, good Muslims, good people get to work…

Respect for other’s life…Save Coptics,save those who bears the cross of Lord.

God Bless the Coptic Christians, much love from a Syriac Orthodox


Watch the link below

Islam is filth .