The Paris Attacks: A Response from Nabeel Qureshi

On November 13th, 2015, jihadists linked to ISIS carried out a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, France. More than one hundred people were killed, and nearly four hundred were injured. Here’s a brief response from Nabeel Qureshi.

it is a very mean and twisting approach. Go Guide and Forgive you.
even Jesus in the Bible said i didnt come with peace i came with the sword.
but we do not do the same with this sentence Jesus Peace Be upon him said.
Never ever did the Prophet allow killing of innocent and why dont you read the Hadith where he clearly forbade killing women children and old people. it is very mean and i cant believe with such an approach that Nabil really wants the truth and a good living with eachother between the faiths.
With all due respect but dont pick what fits you and leave the rest Sir. it is not at all nice and honestly it is heartbreaking.
God Guide us all and Forgive us all.

Thank you Nabeel.

Welcome to hellfire, mr. qureshi

I don’t have to live in denial anymore. I can love Muslims, but this truth about Muhammad allows me to be able to be determined not to NOT accept Islam. I know now that even Muslims have been kept from truth.

‘Muslims are generally a loving peaceful people’, well most people worldwide are as well, so it takes a grievance from personal harm or an applied dogma of supremacist, racist, misogyny and cruelty from a bygone age to drive people to wicked and anti-humanitarian acts.

the guy is dropped dead on his head I’m loving it.

Nabeel was too intelligent to believe
Prophet Muhammad said all that without context… RIP

nabeel intensely lies about Quran our prophet Muhammad(pbuh) he targeted to destroy Islam beliefs. So Allah took his life with painfull death, Allah will protect this religion until judgement day. look at his face and eye you can tell he is completely lying.

Nabeel was a liar… I wish and hope Lord forgive him.

first listen to his words in this video from 2:40 to 2:55…than write it down in a paper …than compare the same in the quran… clearly you will find that he is misquoting …he is not saying anything about what is written in after 33 ie… verse 34…you get angry when someone misquotes your scripture…the same should also apply when someone is misquoting my scripture… any way you judge for yourself … read the entire chapter from the beginning… understand the context… here is the translation of chapter 5 verse 32,33,34 .
(5:32) Therefore We ordained for the Children of Israel that he who slays a soul unless it be (in punishment) for murder or for spreading mischief on earth shall be as if he had slain all mankind; and he who saves a life shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.54 And indeed again and again did Our Messengers come to them with clear directives; yet many of them continued to commit excesses on earth.
(5:33) Those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, AND GO ABOUT THE EARTH SPREADING MISCHIEF -indeed their recompense is that they either be done to death, or be crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off from the opposite sides or be banished from the land.56 Such shall be their degradation in this world; and a mighty chastisement lies in store for them in the World to Come.
(5:34) EXCEPT for those who REPENT before you have overpowered them. Know well that Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.

This guy is truly the devil in human form. Here to misguid and mislead people. I would never go to this guy for Islamic advice, he’s fucked in the head.

He showed us what it is to love as Christ. Miss u Nabeel! :broken_heart::broken_heart:

what a scumbag. the whole world knows that the 911 is a Mossad//CIA/MI6 operation. If this fake Ex-Muslim guy asserts that it was done by Muslims, then know that this guy is used as a tool of the Mossad to misinform the public. And he died without a miracle healing from Jesus.

men he really took 8:60 as terror verse? he didnt read 8:61? hypocrit

Rip nabeel I had so much love for you and your family

lmao what? This guy keeps claiming he was muslim, but he really wasn’t. The same way you can’t believe Megatron was a part of the trinity and still call yourself Christian; you also can’t believe there is a prophet after prophet mohammad and still call yourself muslim. This is the same reason why they got excommunicated from Islam. Ahmadiyya are not muslims. You can’t sit here say you were muslim when majority of muslims scholarship say you’re not, this guy is being disingenuous. While I can sit here and refute each point he brought up about islam lets not go anywhere before we tackle the major one.

Amen, The Man Who Walks In Place.

this guy know what he is telling and he is lying purposefully.

Lie lie lie misquotes dishonest liar. Disgusting hypocrite
Islam is bigger than you