The Penalty for Calling Muhammad "Black" (Sharia in Islam)

In Ash-Shifa of Qadi Iyad, page 387, we read about the Sharia penalty for calling Muhammad a black man.

“Ahmad ibn Sulayman, Sahnun’s companion, said that whoever says that the Prophet was black is killed. The Prophet was not black.”

Hence, calling Muhammad “black” was a crime that carried the death penalty under Islamic law. Why was calling Muhammad a black man punished so severely in Islam? David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics discusses the penalty’s role in Sharia blasphemy laws.

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5:20 - I don’t think that’s right though. Saying the prophet is black is lying about him, I think is what they are saying. Right?

So they are not actually saying he himself is a liar. Mind you, personally I also think it is a stretch to say someone is a liar for saying the prophet was black. The most likely explanation is they are just mistaken.

So it was apparently blasphemy to falsely call Muhammad “black”? Anyone else, including Moses could’ve been called “black” and no one would’ve cared, but muslims have made muhammed their deity

Sunni byzantine Persian that became this Wahabi barbarism as shari’a.

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I don’t see any religion that discriminates against people based on their color other than Islam. Christianity never says anything discriminatory against blacks. In Hinduism, Lord Krishna and Lord Ram were actually black according to the Vedas. But later on, some Fair-skinned upper-class skeptic people painted them blue. It is not that Hinduism or Christianity or any other religion discriminates against blacks, It is those who follow the religion who discriminate against people based on color.

The Scariest part is that More than a billion people on earth follow this MAJOR RACIST.

I guess we know who the real racists are now and in the past.

And to think that there are hundreds of thousands of black people following this agent of darkness they call prophet. LORD have mercy.



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Belial was black also.

Greater Africa or MiddleEast was originally black and furthermore they worship a black stone.

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