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I asked you to suggest channels for me to promote (before I NUKE my channel!), and Thaddeus from Reasoned Answers ranked the responses.

Reasoned Answers:
GodLogic Apologetics:
Adam Seeker:
Adam Seeker Urdu:
Lloyd de Jongh:
Rob Christian:
The Third Apology:
Two Messianic Jews:

Video Clips Taken from:
“Insane Islamic Lies Explained: How dawah makes one a habitual liar”: Insane Islamic Lies Explained: How dawah makes one a habitual liar - YouTube
“Sheikh Uthman vs GodLogic | Why is Jesus The Messiah In Islam?”: Sheikh Uthman vs GodLogic | Why is Jesus The Messiah In Islam? - YouTube
“The Gospels Were Written Early, Not After AD 70”: The Gospels Were Written Early, Not After AD 70 - YouTube
“Aiesha the wife of Muhammad and Women”: Aiesha the wife of Muhammad and Women - YouTube
“This is How the New Testament Teaches the Trinity”: This is How the New Testament Teaches the Trinity - YouTube
“Explaining Sharia Law 1 [Without the lies and confusion]”: Explaining Sharia Law 1 [Without the lies and confusion] - YouTube

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Subscribe to everyone and hey I was already subscribed one. After watching I will give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. God bless you guys

Based on the price that some of David’s previous artwork has reached on eBay, someone should let Hatun know that this was potentially grand theft. The criminal charges against the thief should take account of the value of the item stolen. I would suggest it’s worth at least £20,000.

Should be a Limited Partnership or Corporation…

Yes I Seen It!

You should invite them on your channel at least for a short duration.

Hey David, could you also do a stream where you recommend the best foreign language apologetics channels, e. G. one or two per country? In German language I would recommend the “achso channel”

Love ya Thaddeus cuz of Crystal :heart:what a beautiful wife u have.

Love ya Thaddeus :heart:

I love the idea of a group, that we can go to a familiar channel, Were we all know will have muslim content on it.
We Love you David our Brother. You are a good man used by God…,

A super team taking on the ch sounds great instead of wasting the great reach that’s been built up. One cannot get that so easily, especially these days. And people would get a great variety of people and knowledge to learn from.

1:40 - and it’s her book to do what she wants.

Because - There are wholes in the Narrative.

You deleting your channel is a tough one for me DWood. I trust your instinct but I selfishly want you to make it to 1million subs and keep making videos. Because your videos are entertaining and hits the serious matters. Also, you deserve a million subs.

Dizzle, name it Whack-A-Mole-Zlum as your content appears in various unpredictable sites

Reasoned Answers made DWood question his decision. He must be smart. ill go subscribe

Testify has a number of videos debunking Bart Ehrman’s anti-Christian teachings. Testify shows from the Bible and non-Biblical sources that Bart Ehrman’s assertions using his scholarly prestige as authority are not factual. For example Ehrman claims that the person who wrote Luke and Acts was not a companion of Paul. Testify points out that the few Pauline epistles Ehrman accepts as authentic are the ones to churches that match Acts accounts Paul going to.


I subbed :slightly_smiling_face:

Dooooooooooooon’t DELETE your channel … Daaaaaaaavid!

Subscribed All The Channels In Description. Good Morning.