The Problem of Evil and the Skeptic's Dilemma (David Wood)
The Argument from Evil (Problem of Evil) is the most important argument against theism. But are atheists consistent when they use this argument? In this lecture, David Wood shows that atheists often employ an inconsistent methodology when they examine arguments for and against the existence of God. Demanding consistency, however, puts atheists in a dilemma (the “Skeptic’s Dilemma”).

I’ve spent over 2 hours before watching One presentation on apologetics and this was more clear than anything I’ve ever seen


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No subtitles : so sad I can’t understand

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I was speaking to an atheist at school and they were saying there’s no evidence for God and I explained 5 arguments for God and also the resurrection of Jesus (they believe Jesus didn’t exist) but what’s strange is they believe all of the premises are wrong even though I explained why they are correct and they sound correct too. Where as if it was in class they just accept the stuff the teacher says even when they don’t explain it and it sounds strange. And they call me biased


The bible is evil!

I agree with the need for more consistency among most ‘practicing atheists’, but I haven’t heard an argument for theism that goes beyond supporting the ASSUMPTION of theism. Just because something is the best thing to believe, or the most valid assumption, that doesn’t mean it’s actually true

For instance, take the reverse; in science, methodological naturalism is the assumption. That doesn’t mean the scientists aren’t or can’t be Christians–just that you aren’t doing science when you say “and then God does some magic here, and that explains the part we don’t understand yet.” Naturalism is the best assumption for ‘doing science’, and theism is the best assumption for living life, but I haven’t heard either one convincingly proved

Again, what’s ‘proved’ is the validity of the assumptions, not the objects of them

Wow, I honestly can’t decide whether this speech was cringe-inducing or hilarious. Either way, it was decidedly eye-opening; I truly can’t believe that some people actually think this way, and can’t see the contradiction in it. Ridiculous.

The best response to the “If God, why evil” question?..

Without God, you’d have no Moral standard to measure evil in the first place. Evil can’t exist without an opposing standard of good. But a standard of good cannot exist independently of God, just as a law cannot exist without a lawgiver.

Therefore, the existence of evil proves the existence of it’s antithesis (i.e. good) which in turn proves the existence of God. Easy.

As for “secular morality”, the term is a logical contradiction.

This comment goes out to David or anyone knowledgeable in the problem of evil. so, i suffer with bipolar(primarily depression) and i have a hard time believing God loves me when I’m depressed or suicidal. How do you suggest I combat this instinct? I’ve been reading the Bible and its views upon sanctification. While I can understand them intellectually, I have a hard time accepting them emotionally. What does anybody suggest I do about my dilemma?

“morality comes from a process of evolution” this doesnt answer why anyone should live accordingly to that moral code lol. i got my fingers from a process of evolution but that doesnt mean im obligated to use them. describing how we got something doesnt explain why we ought to use or abide by it.


“It’s has a strong emotional impact too, though I’m not the best person to talk about it.” David makes me wish I was a psychopath.

I only recently discovered david and I am so excited with everything I am hearing! Clever clever thinker is our David. My husband is agnostic, I’m picking up lots of come backs to his questions :wink: watch out hubby!

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7
There is no mystery here whatsoever. God creates evil. He says so. It must serve His most holy purposes.

Atheists are inconsistent by design. It’s why the Bible explains humans as in “complete rebellion” from their Creator. That’s the fundamental problem. The question is how ANYONE comes to believe in the One True God (whom by design they were born in blind rebellion to)

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