The Problem of the Satanic Verses

According to numerous Islamic sources, Muhammad once delivered a revelation promoting polytheism. Later, Muhammad claimed that Satan had tricked him into delivering what are now called “The Satanic Verses.” How does this affect Muhammad’s claim to be a prophet? David Wood and Sam Shamoun discuss the evidence.

Quran 26:210: Satans did not descent the Quran, nor it is fitting for them nor are they able to do it. Indeed they are (even) debarred from hearing it.

Not gonna lie I’m a Jew and I rarely ever give a chance for a Christian too speak about Muslims cus they’re typically wrong . But this one is spot on

This is B.S. Read Quran and see he Mohammad(pbuh) is. You are deceiving people.


Psychopath says what?

I think he made a mistake because he cut out the bit where the muslim guy responded. wonder why?

I just feel bad that someone trye to ofend my prophet the prophet of God like all the ather prophet .How a peron that all this word wher to submision to God take this tritmant shame of you .

Now who want to look the truth thet is here

Thats a lie that some one took from iben ishak and put on this episod of you are you not shye to take a lie and put here because is not iben ishak that speak about muhamed life . Now im question you if this person muhamed is a lie why when an exclips hapend in madina why this person trye to take a avantage to sais that this hapend because of me . Learn about islam dont take some papers that ather write for muhamed es tru.

Allah has 3 daughters ? They r goddesses who intercede ? Super
how many muslims know these truth

Not for allah but for their True ALIHU.

The muslim allah like the christian and Jewish yahweh comes later on.

Praise be The True ALS like ALLAT MANAT & ALUZZA.

Quote the reference.

I have 37 sources!!!
Please cite them or put them in the description if you are sure of them🤗

I have 27 sources telling me Trump is an angel, and while this fuss the killing of innocent continues and Devil remains the God of majority of humans

When you want to hide your own dirt, you will shovel and throw dirt to others and try to direct the attention there.

Let’s take this hypothesis of being whispered by the Devil.
In Islam we believe that Jesus got his revelation and that he shared it during his lifetime. What is currently written as the Gospels in the NT is not the Gospel that was revealed to Jesus.
Years later the Gospels were authored by “apostles” and letters written by Paul. The stories contradict each other. Instead of bringing new tidings, new laws, codes and strengthen the covenant, we see heresy and blasphemy inserted into our God send religion to Jesus.
Circumcision of the covenant is abolished, diatary code removed to polute the flesh (pork and other dirty food), Trinity introduced (secret polytheism worship), divine attributes given to Jesus (blasphemy), and more.
If you think logically, you can see that the Satanic Verses apply to the NT.
Were the authors of the NT influenced by Satanic whispers to mislead the people? Whether all the above were introduced to Christianity willingly or unwillingly, with bad or good intensions.
If Jesus was God or Son of God, whichever, why would he inspire 4 people to write completely different contradicting account of what had happened to him and cause more confusion among the people? Isn’t the plan to be clear and draw more people to God?
If he is almighty, why not bring one nice NT? If he is that almighty and clear, why beat around the bush and not teach Paul directly about the Trinity.
Prove that the real Christianity was not hijacked by Satanic entities and poluted with its Satanic Verses.

Not the sheep, but the misleader of the herd will be punished. Only if the sheep was dumb and ignorant that he could not think for himself. The smart sheep that keeps to be stray with the misleader, will be punished severely. And only Allah know the high of the punishment.

It was an excuse made by the polytheists… the reports are not authentic

It’s a complete fairy tale lol

The “satanic verses” don’t even sound anything like the Quran

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Duality you are cognizant of reality
Non duality you are cognizant as reality

Now if there is a
true religion it must be both Thick and Clear: for the true
God must have made both the child and the man, both the
savage and the citizen, both the head and the belly. And the
only two religions that fulfil this condition are Hinduism and
Thick for the masses, thin for the monks/sages

C.S Lewis
God in the dock