The Psychology of Islam, Part 1: The Defective Father Hypothesis

The only way to understand Islam is to understand the neuroses and psychoses of Muhammad. In this series, we explore the impact of Muhammad’s abnormal childhood development on his later life and teachings. As we will see, Islamic theology flows directly from Muhammad’s childhood traumas, via the “psychology of the defective father.” In Part One, we explore the “projection theory of belief in God” proposed by Ludwig Feuerbach and Sigmund Freud, along with the “defective father hypothesis” of Paul Vitz.

Sorry about the delay. Every time I was about to record “The Psychology of Islam,” I ended up thinking of another point to add. Eventually, the video was going to be over an hour, so I decided to turn it into a series (either five or seven parts, depending on the level of interest after I post the first five).

Many prophets have issues in their relationships with their fathers
Jesus as well !

My relationship with my father is terrible. I have a decent father figure in my step dad but we didn’t get along during my development years. I struggle keeping up with God. I have faith in Jesus and my beliefs follow any biblical Christian but I have trouble with sin. Adultery is probably the biggest, and I hate I’m so weak. I’ve slowly gotten better but it’s been a constant fight.

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5:20 . its amusing to see psychologists like Freud conceptualise abouth the “Father” . his not even scratching the surface, his not even close !

Hey David, I notice you have one of the same books that I have on my bookshelf-- The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise by Fernandez Morera

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The difference between Eslam and Christianity is we Muslims pray while our eyes are open, but as a Christian you have to close your eyes while praying. It’s not that we don’t do it, it’s just that God is unique and nothing in all this universe could be or come close to him. We are respecting God and worshipping him the best way among all other religions. David is not doing it right, you can’t smile while people are dying everyday. That’s what our beloved Prophet peace and blessings be upon him guide us to. David, why do you need another “holy spirit” to shallow you (get in you); when your soul is already from God given to you on the day 45 when you were in your mother’s womb. Prophet Muhammed said what Jesus said, “I came to fulfill the message” if he was a fraud, he would’ve lived his best life like many pastors these days. People are getting blinded and misjudging because of what others has pre-assumed. My advice to you is, READ the Qur’an and Hadith with an open heart. The first revealed word from God to prophet Muhammed was “Read!!” FYI.

“And remember, this is for posterity. So, be honest.”

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Do you “believe” what you think is right sir? Did not you have fear to anything? Do you believe there is no life after the death? What did you mean about normal relationship?

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I don’t agree with several points, if I consider my personal history ( I do not believe in God nor in its necessity), but all this is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this info!! I like you!

allah is a father to no one?? thats my guess at 17:11

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horrible points, how are you judging norms of desert tribes 1,500 years ago, and all of this happens today in the year 2021 in many places of the world

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