The Psychology of Islam, Part 2: Muhammad's Rebellion

In Part 1, we learned that the Defective Father Hypothesis leads to certain expectations, given Muhammad’s childhood experiences. In brief, based on DFH, we would expect Muhammad to rebel against authority and tradition; we would expect him to have a problem with father figures, and especially with viewing God as a heavenly father; and we would expect him to have some difficulty forming normal relationships with other people. In this video, David Wood examines the historical evidence to see if our first expectation is confirmed. Along the way, we help Sheikh Yasir Qadhi understand Allah better.

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Orphanage is Necessary requirement for being a pedo ???

This one actually made me feel a bit bad for Mohammad. Like I feel like I would love to have been Mohammads mom and teach him how much Jesus loves him.:yum:

Al ah took out mo’s heart and washed it in a cup with waters of zamzam??? Sounds like a fake bedtime story you’d tell ur kids, knowing they’d not differentiate truth from lunacy

loved ur video it helps me so much i always snick to watch ur video while having NTI days for school :>

my guy was scared when he saw the camera recording he went :0

I just know just know this man had a great mental problem…it’s insane that people actually took him serious

Chonkky David…I can proudly say I have been following David since his chonky days

JIHADIS are the DALEKS of the religious world

This makes so much sense. In the spiritual realm, God has revealed to me that the spirit behind islam is an orphan spirit.

:joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl: hilarious intelligence shown here

Love from an Ex-earthling

You made your voice strange for no reason- that quote means that his plans are going well and everything is in order and his life is full of blessings as someone of special closeness to God. Having many wives was common back then especially when the men died in wars leaving widows (imagine in a desert) and there were many other reasons like uniting the tribes of Arabia for Muhammads marriages. He was married monogamously for 25 years to his first wife who was a widow 20 years his senior. Please even read wikipedia for “reasons for Muhammads pbuh marriages”
The rest of your quotes are part of the bad treatment he received from Quraish which shows a patient, strong and wise personality.

Sheikh Qadi’s talk on the good lessons of a hard childhood was very touching, but the Quran and hadiths reveal that, for Muhammed, it turned out to be the worst outcome ever.

Islam the biggest scam ever there’s only one way and that’s lord almighty Jesus Christ everything else is false

Fascinating :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Thank you DR David Wood

May Allah Show you right path David

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Well, let’s expand this reasoning to other prophets also. For example, what if Jesus was an illegitimate child and his family overprotected him from public shame telling him how special he was resulting in a super narcissistic adult believing to possess THE truth and be unique and super special?