The Psychology of Muhammad (David Wood & Anthony Rogers)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers discuss Muhammad’s childhood development and its impact on his later beliefs and practices.

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I have to admit-I went into this livestream (and the previous videos David made) a bit skeptical, thinking that it was anachronistic to impute 20th/21st century psychological standards to an illiterate 7th century Arab bedouin. But i have to say, you guys have an airtight case, it seems irrefutable even with historical context in mind. Thank you Anthony and David!

Excellent analysis

Why we should believe what muslims saying; after all, islam is a cult and false religion

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have the gospel and don’t need it from Anthony.


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Loved the ending! Be my Daddy!

I feel sorry for the brainwashed islamics. If they are orphaned they can never have another family, and even their own god doesn’t want to be their father. Bad news all around. No wonder they are always angry.

God bless you bro. I bless both of you in Jesus Holy Name. I learn a lot from your talks where it helps me talk to others (Muslims) about Jesus. I have the translated Quran and Bukhai’s hadis. God bless you.

Amazing exposition of Islamic concept abrogation of adoption. Allah abrogated adoption so muhammad can enjoy sex.

my question is, why u idiot dare to face zakir naik?
go any of his Q&A conference and ask u’r stupid questions

I find the accompanying monetized commericals for this video include Musilma, “Find you muslim life partner” humorous.

Jk shlindling too talks of psychology…

Man god… Satan kept kicking the mud sculpture of Adam. Enters his mouth & comes out through his ass… Reference for this Rogers

Anthony Rogers old video 2right hands, has mouth but no ass… Awesome… I laugh remembering that… AR can please give reference to that… Please

There is a reason why God has placed godly, leadership fathers in the family.

Every relationship and behavioral requirement is distorted into an unnatural state in Islam and reduced to a base one; it’s an obsessively sexual world view.

You two are outstanding on facts and insights but it’s so sad, heartbreakingly sad.
To be able to show, prove and explain how and why Islam is false, only to be ignored and persecuted by its followers and those liberal leftists. What the hell is wrong with people that perfect rational intelligence and reasoning is anathema to so many that they hate and implode in rage when given these truths. Education has failed so many, it produced automatons filled with propaganda.

Hi David Wood, i will really like to learn a lot from you. Please contact me on

WHY would Muslims want to follow the GREATEST of DECEIVERS?!? Glad my God is THE GOD of TRUTH!!! :thinking: