The Purpose of Debating Islam and Jihad: A Reply to Dr. Craig Considine (David Wood)

After posting a reply to Dr. Craig Considine’s absurd claim that Muhammad protected religious minorities “with all his might,” viewers began calling on Dr. Considine to debate. Unfortunately, he refuses to defend his views in public debate. David Wood responds in this video.

To watch "Trump vs. Muhammad: A Reply to Dr. Craig Considine, click here:

Craig Considine is a new ager heretic, no point even addressing anything he says at all.
He claims to be Christian but he just makes stuff up as he goes along and believes in pluralism, that there’s more than one way to heaven.

I think you are a genius Dr David Wood
A Modern Day Crusader

Mhmmd (pbuh) PISS BE UPON HIM.

Idiot David​:put_litter_in_its_place::put_litter_in_its_place: criticizing great figure like Muhammad who civilized Arabia.
"Who said the best among you is the best to his wife’

Obviously Craig Considine’s target audience is the lazy left side of the IQ Bell Curve of which there are millions. So of course he wont debate experts. Would like to know if he is funded (directly or indirectly) via Saudi Arabia or other Islamic states. There’s big bucks in Islamic apologetics.

Is it possible to chat sometimes?

He knows enough to know that he couldn’t get away with his lies regarding how great mohammed and islam is when he shares a stage with people who really know mohammed and islam…He boasts about his academic acumen but is scared to put what he says to the test that makes him a lying coward in my book and if he can live with that then he is a lesser man for it…He claims to be a Christian but lies.

christian against women opression.? if what written in quran opression then …i mean if we scale ,bible is wants to genocide women

David, you are complete opposite of Jesus. Christians should rescue their religion from you.

Love Dr David Wood. God bless :fist::heart:

That “doctor” is a pussy.

Thanks for your work, David. Your videos have changed the dial quite a lot.

Craig Considine is a worthless idiot, enough said.

There is no Islamophobia, it is 100 percent false. It can be truthophobia or infidelophobia. It’s not irrelevant fear of Islam, it is the real fear of Islam which is defined by Allah and his false prophet Muhammad. Islam is not defined by an individual Muslim you know as a kind person.

Lmao wood n Spencer should defo try and set that up-would be great to listen to what they have to say they both got some crazy ideas about what Islam teaches its laughable :joy::joy:

Personally, I would like to see David Wood debating the slick and slimy Reza Aslan.David would squash him like a bug…

David Wood who create sun n moon

David Wood who create universe…

Make it happen!!