The Quran Affirms the Bible! (David Wood vs. Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq)

Although Muslim apologists (such as Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq) love to attack the Bible (emphasis on the Torah in this video), the Quran affirms the inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Indeed, Muhammad himself repeatedly declared that he affirmed the divine authority of the Torah. How can Muslim scholars get around this problem? By distorting the Quran! David Wood and Shaykh Uthman (of the One Message Foundation) discuss the issue.

For more on the myth that the Quran affirms the corruption of the Bible, be sure to watch “Does Quran 2:79 Claim That the Bible Is Corrupt? Shattering an Islamic Myth”: - YouTube

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Uthman claimed it’s written and changed but when he reads, they speak. Uthman stops lying. Muslims without lies, DIES.

This uthman guy is annoying he gets backed up in a corner and starts changing the context of the verses and he starts talking smack😂

This Muslim is like a comic book character who lies for fun and should just not be taken seriously. If you just lie to everyone’s face and don’t even feel embarrassed about it, it is easy to just keep talking and making a smiley face. I mean, how do you argue with someone who has no intellectual integrity?

It is clear that he will never admit things. He would rather just disappear.

God bless you David Wood !! you revealed his lies and deception

David wood has the mannerisms of a coke addict how anyone can take this man seriously is beyond me

David woogle don’t understand the surah. He don’t know the context and also he don’t read Tafseer Quran. The only book Quran no any single word changed.

MashAllah sheikh uthman explain very clearly.

Sheikh uthman :two_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Keep it up David…fools interpret their own imagination.

Listening to them arguing, no matter who is right, it is clear who is moral between the two. One has been using abusive words and I don’t think he supports the religion that he defends unless that religion teaches that behavior is right. I would not support such a person even if he is on my side, truth must always be spoken in Love.

Where does the QUR’AN specifically say, The TAWRAT and the INJIL are BOOKS???

The QUR’AN, Please.

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Jesus is God

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Thanks sheikh Uthman for the work

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Christians are more honest with Islamic sources then Muslims

According to Quran10:94 Muhammad’s revelation should of continued to agree with Waraqah ibn Nawfal belief as he was someone who was reading the scripture before him. Muhammad and his followers had no right to later contradict his belief
Quran 5:68 Hadith (Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2653) (Tawrah and Injil are with the Jews and Christians)

Notice Muhammad was not interested in learning and following the same Injil Waraqah ibn Nawfal was following

The Arabic Quran makes it clear in Quran 3:3-4 the Tawrah and Injil are for (mankind) but Their prophet was more interested in being the leader having power and women then truth

Quran 6:115 …no one can change His words…

Without lies Shaykh Uthman would not get his money