The Quran Affirms the Bible (Le Coran Affirme La Bible): English/French

Here are some clips from a recent debate in Paris. The topic was “Muhammad in the Bible?” Oddly enough, the Muslim team wouldn’t allow us to record them, so we’ll have to wait until the hosts post the debate to see it in its entirety.

jesus is god .jesus died for our sin .no one come to the father exept by me jusus crist said amen.

Dans quelle langue était l’Évangile “ INJIL “ , le livre que Allah a fait descendre sur Jésus ? Allah lui-même dans le Coran appelle ce livre “INJIL” - mot qui vient du mot grec “Evangelium”. Ce mot n’est ni arabe, ni araméen, ni hébreux , c’est grec ! Sachant que la langue de Jésus était l’araméen, pourquoi Allah appelle le livre qu’il a fait descendre sur lui par le dérivé arabe du mot grec Evangelium ? A noter que le terme grec Evangelium concernant Jésus est apparu bien après l’ascension de Jésus et après l’apparition de textes sur sa vie et ses enseignements devenus par la suite Évangiles pour les textes en langue grecque !?

Went to watch this, and an add supporting the Quran pops up. Connection? I think not.

Looks like soon they will sayIts Islam who caused 60 millions dead in WW 1& 2. And also muslims who killed millions Indians in America, and also muslims who killed the palestinians, Bosnian and killed the Japanese in Hiroshima and Vietnam, For anyone who deny the truth is either Ignorant or mean. If you don’t beleive in Islam so keep quite and give us a break,and go look who really is responsable for all the terorist acts. Actually Islam is receiving free Advertisement, so Muslims should thank you.

David its been 3 months when will the complete debate be uploaded. Waiting for it!

He wss naver an angle but a jenn made of fire wail angles are nade of light

more people like david should lecture this country by country so that other muslims ( like zakir naik… etc ) who either lack of understanding, brainwashed or wants to covet the lies of islam can be stop and halts the growth. The sword of the Lord ( truth ) is sharper and can eliminate deception without causing war.

Killer thoughts, Dave. If I were a Muslim, there is NO WAY for me to defend that thought process!

Keep up the good work and I’ll keep doing mine!

Brilliant! And the Bible existed in its present form for 400 years before the Koran. Reading the Koran, I concluded it was a mish-mash of an unorganized mind, using a bit of Torah and Gospel name-dropping and making up bizarre storeis to suite Moha. David did a brilliant job of refuting here in this French debate. I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO DONATE TO ACTS17 !! We CHRISTIANS AND JEWS NEED TO SUPPORT THOSE THAT BRING THE TRUTH OF ISLAM AND ITS BARBARIAN TEACHINGS! DONATE DONATE DONATE !!! I am a widow and I donate each month to ACTS17. Just $20, or a monthly donation! LET’s KEEP ACTS17 marching forward bringing the WORD of GOD and Jesus CHRIST to the forefront and the barbaric truth about the koran!

These peaple exest on lies. There well be no liers in heaven no murderers no conaretestes no abuse no black magec and noone well ever be wronged and naver die but have compleate peace

Islam is distorted pagans of the Arab world wanted their own God & prophet. Every bit of Quran is changed for instance sacrifice by Abraham, Isaac was asked & not Ishmael. The five prayers -Namaz esp. on Friday is for Christ taking up cross. But Quran does not state of Crucification. Thou “Quran states of Christ being born immortal without the seed of a man or woman & states, (is when Christ after 40days in spiritual body) goes up to heaven, does not taste death”. Muslims mind from childhood is poisoned of Bible being changed, that’s the tool by which way they can impose. All born, died & remained in the grave.Quran says birth of Christ without the seed of man or woman & he does not taste death but taken up to heavens, is clear for Muslims thru Quran. How than they designate Jesus as a prophet?

As usual, David—very delighted to hear this and see this!! what an amazing man, God has chosen to spread His word! I may never get to meet you here on earth, but I know we will in heaven! God Bless you sir!

Mohammed (may all the people he lied to be upon him)

Did a great job working with the translator! Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

Jesus Christ is the way to life…

I have been corresponding with a Muslim in France. He continues to say that the Bible is corrupt no matter what I say. He points to BBC documentaries that question authenticity. Muslim daily prayer basically rejects Jesus and salvation.

Jesus is the Lord, he is the way, truth and life…ex-muslim

Where can I find the full video?

French sounds hilarious lol