The Quran and the Problem of Abrogation

According to the Qur’an, no one can change Allah’s words (6:115; 18:27). Yet Allah himself frequently changes his revelations by sending a verse that abrogates (or cancels) an earlier verse (2:106; 16:101). Since the Qur’an is supposedly eternal, our Muslim friends have a problem. From all eternity, the Qur’an contained (a) verses that contradict the commands of other verses, and (b) a verse claiming that, if the Qur’an were from anyone other than Allah, it would contain “much discrepancy” (4:82). Because the eternal Qur’an does contain much discrepancy (numerous contradictory commands), it cannot be the word of Allah, according to 4:82.

Fahisha has a broader meaning than zinaa

I just lost brain cells listen to this. They have no understanding of how abrogation in the Quran works. They don’t contradict, rather superseded each other, and eased early muslims into the religion.

How do we know which verses were abrogated?

Allah know the best​:rofl::laughing::joy: keep changing his words according to Mohammed’s desires :rofl:

Great teaching by great teachers Dr David Wood and Sam.
God bless :fist::heart::pray:

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ur bible in excidos 21-20 says you can own slaves and half kill them. throughout the bible slavery is permitted. if I as a reasonable Muslim wants to make a criticism of the bible I won’t seek out the “understanding” of some Christians, I would just read it myself.

so they read a verse of the Quran & did not make criticisms “of it” but rather of “those muslims who misunderstood the verse”. then they pointed to the Quran as the one making the mistake. I mean really??? so u will deem a book folly based on some “ppl” who misunderstood a verse of it???

not All Muslims agree or accept the “opinion” of Abrogation in the Quran. those who do are mistaken & these to gentlemen are really & rightly bashing them. he Quoted the late muhammad asad who translated the Quran & not only proved that there is no Abrogation in it but he also answers the follow up Questions that the 2 guys had. also, you cannot that the “opinions” & “understanding” of some or many to judge a book. why not read it then make ur assessment?


This video displays a very shallow understanding of abrogation, the type of understanding developed by reading polemical secondary sources rather than primary sources.

In Qur’an Allah is talking. so
2 questions

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The only answer must be to legislate regarding the accepted version but that will only work as long as is “accepted” by Muslims or we could just make the entire political movement illegal.

After watching many of your videos I can assure you that with no doubt at all that you both are idiots and in need of serious medical help.

Abrogating makes the quran to be a lier and a confused god. The Bible doesn’t do that infact when God of the Bible made a agreement He keept that promises and continued to for fill it and make another Covenant and still for filling it.

IF I say “No one can Poison my drink”. Now does it mean, “I cannot poison my drink too ?” Of course not. It just means “(EXCLUDING Me), No one can poison my drink”. The part in the bracket is silent and is not required to be mentioned unless one is a mentally retarded person.

Mr, David Wood. You said “QURAN says:No one can change Allah’s words”
Now, SIMPLE THING. If I say, “No One can change my words” . Does it mean I cannot change my words too?. Of course not.

“No one can do better than the performance Messi does”. Does it mean MESSI cannot do better in next match than he did in the previous match? Not at all. It SIMPLY MEANS “NO ONE CAN BE BETTER THAN MESSI”. However, Messi can always become better than the previous Messi (better than himself).

Or, IF I say “No one can Poison my drink”. Now does it mean, “I cannot poison my drink too ?” Of course not. It just means “(EXCLUDING Me), No one can poison my drink”. The part in the bracket is silent and is not required to be mentioned unless one is a mentally retarded person.

Simple thing. When one says “No one” in such sentence, it excludes the NARRATOR. JUST BASIC LANGUAGE THINGS. PhD is not required for this.

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