The Quran and the Siege of Paris (David Wood)

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Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, millions of people are once again trying to understand the relationship between Islam and terrorism. Both peaceful Muslims and jihadists quote the Quran to justify their views. In this video, David Wood examines two verses of the Quran to determine the Quranic stance on terror.

you doesn’t respect muslims and insults the Quran you shouldn’t live in this world because you are like the devil and your place in hell i am a christian too but i respect other people’s religion god teach us to respect other people’s religion don’t be arrogant i hope you change

you answer your own question- taking a life is a very serious thing (“its as if youve killed all of mankind”_ see the meaning and not the words and just look at the snippet of the verse above it about cain and abel.

You wrong on everything!

They have certainly disbelieved who say, " Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary" while the Messiah has said, “O Children of Israel, worship Allah , my Lord and your Lord.” Indeed, he who associates others with Allah - Allah has forbidden him Paradise, and his refuge is the Fire. And there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers. #72

Reading an English interpretation of a possible Arabic interpretation of the original one and pretending to know it all wow. Interpretations are limited the richness of the vocabularies of that person who wrote it, on both English and the language it has been translated from. Initially even I was appalled at the things writing on an translated Quran, but it’s spoken over and over that in the all the books of revelations that no one exactly knows what’s written in any of the books and based on our mentality and the purity of heart we will be able to interpret is based of our capabilities but only Allah/ god has the whole knowledge of what’s written in any religious texts. And if you know better, you would realise that the Quran compilation of what allah is revealed to Muhammad + the previous revelations made to Adam, Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Musa (Moses), Dawud (David) and Isa (Jesus). So believing that religious texts is a guide on how to live, which is revealed to people by god/ allah on different times. It’s suggests two things, Quran is inclusive of all the teachings of “religions” which came before. And as Quran is outdated it’s about time we grow smart enough to not to rely on a book 1000 of years ago and wage wars and make sarcastic videos on he said, she said and understand that evil people will find reasons to do evil, and they will excuse themselves in any means possible.

Pls do a special segment on Muhammad’s first wife Khadija, her life before Muhammad, with him and her influence on him.
If it wasn’t for her believing his first & encouraging his ‘visions’, he wouldn’t have grown more confident to becoming the gangster warlord whose teachings changed the course of history to the worst.

The devil: father of deception

it’s 2020 now and people barely learn anything from your videos :expressionless:

I completely understand the issues with this verse now; that was an excellent explanation. I didn’t know the peaceful portion was from the Talmud!

Siege of Jerusalem. Peace religion Christianism. The Crusader army attacked Jerusalem and took over the city and started a massacre, and the Crusaders killed about 20 thousand people here. Then they left here. The crusaders chronicles mentioned that the Crusaders ate the bodies of the deceased Muslims. The Crusaders carried out an extremely terrible attack, including boiling and boiling Muslim adults, spending Muslim children on bottles and cooking on fire, and eating. The Crusader cannibalism in this period is confirmed by both Frank and Arab reports. A Frank witness, for instance, reported eyewitness and scalding atrocities. Albert of Aix, who was there during the conquest of Maarra, wrote: "Our troops did not shrink not only from eating dead Turks and Syrians, but also eating dogs!

But, Dr. Wood, if things are as you explain, any taxpaying Muslim in America would be under death penalty for indirectly funding American military. I don’t think Muslims believe that

Brother you are annoying islam there is no god but Allah and Muhammad’s a messenger and slave of Allah

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Hi brother David, please tell something about, if muslims do mischief in the Christian countries, what would be the punishment and the punishment for the muslim invasion of Christian countries…if Christians all over the world react, how it would be…???

Hi brother David, i feel, it’s basically the mistake of the Christian countries which are so magnanimous, sympathetic and giving asylum to these muslims people…so, we are inviting the dangers for ourselves… isn’t it…??? …S…, its our mistake,… more over the Christian countries never support Israel, the GOD’s promised land… that’s a curse on the Christian countries and it it will remain on the Christian countries… but we senselessly support the muslims without a second thought or reason…

Hi brother David, please do some research on this line also… according to history, the muslim military invaded many many Christian countries… what could be the natural punishment for them…???..we should destroy the entire muslim community… right…???..i request all the non muslim communities unite together and get into action…

Hi brother David, if muslims do any mischief in the Christian lands, what could be the punishment… explain that also…i sincerely feel that’s the only option for us to save our lands and our people_… leave alone the selfish media, politicians, bureaucrats…

And now Muslims consider parts of France and the UK Muslim lands… See that’s how it work…As a Muslim, you first move into a foreign land in peace. Then take over small parts of it a little a at a time by sheer numbers (having more kids) and pushing its original citizens out. Then proclaim that the land is yours and enforce the sharia.

How this obvious agenda is not seen by the masses is perplexing.