The Quran Cannot Be The Word of God (Anthony Rogers)

Muslim scholars and apologists insist that Allah is not omnipresent (present everywhere), and that he is not present in his creation. But this presents a problem for Muslims, namely, that Allah cannot communicate directly with his creation. Anthony Rogers explains.


For JE’su’s is the Word of God that alive and all powerful second to the Father.

The Word of God cannot be the Bible thus much more not the Qur’an.

in surah 58 mujadila…Ayah 07. (there are 3 person counsel 4 is Allah, where 5 person 6 is Allah nor less (men) or more (men) but He with them where they may be, then on the day of resurrection He will inform them of what they did)… this is proof that Quran is word of God,… i have read too bible but in it many mistakes and bull shit points which we don’t need to read…so original bible has been mixed with history, But Quran Complete Book of God and his nature…so this great Book on Earth and in it many examples for life that people have not thought…

Lol… I surely believe that Bible is a deceitful man made product to cheat human beings

Lol its so easy to show you that you are wrong
Like first exemple god doesnt exist everywhere but he see everything
Imagine god exist in everywhere like u say then how can the world endure him then god exist in a bottle or in a toilet or … wth are u saying about god the greatest
What islam says is more logic

No He’s not, Judaism/Scripture does not teach He is everywhere, it teaches He cannot be in the presence of sin (‘Isaiah’ 1:13 etc). Even the “NT” teaches that they only have ONE Father/Creator and He is in “HEAVEN” (‘Matthew’ 23:9).

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That’s pretty stupid reasoning. The Quran just doesn’t say that Allah is omnipresent, that’s the basis on which the whole argument rests right? Just because the Quran doesn’t say He’s omnipresent, doesn’t mean that He’s somehow “banished from His own creation”. I don’t understand what this guy’s trying to say here.

Please read the Quran, and let me examplify you of your innocence and ignorance. When moses requested to see God , God shows his glimpse to the mountain and moses fainted. It is not natural to percieve such information without the support of Angels and thats why Gabriel brought the message to Muhammad. And here is the trick question for you now------check the scientific facts of the Quran and please let me know in your opinion who told about creation to Muhammad…and that which we are starting to discover now. Anyone is welcome to question me when they feel they need answers.

Weak logic and explaination.The quran is the word of God.It’s the final revelation from God.Quran is not humanly possible it has been proven in different ways.Don’t misslead people.

The way he teaches is amazing. It’s so clear

Then the bible cannot also be a word of God

Quran is word of God because there is no mistake in quran And there are many mistakes in bible

Dear Anthony Rogers,
You can’t say that all muslims have the same opinon on this point. So your deductions are false. You have to study all islamic views then decide whether the Quran is from God or not. And before that you have to study the interpretation of the verses deeply before taking any decision.

If Dr. Zakir has some opinions, that does not mean all muslims must agree with him.

May God Bless You !

where was allah when shiatan devil entered into the heaven janat and missguided to your Adam hawa and eaten them fruit

If you say god is everywhere the bear with that he is found I dirty and toilet.

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