The Quran's Missing Verses on Breastfeeding Adults

According to numerous narrations in the Hadith, the Qur’an is supposed to contain verses about breastfeeding adults. These verses are not in the Qur’an, however, because Aisha’s sheep ate the only copy. Coincidence?

David, May Lord Jesus be with you. I once saw a Muslim saying this was something which happened only once, because of local culture, and the milk was poured in a cup, not directly from the breast. It is still creepy, nonetheless, but does this objection hold any weight?

Mahram means no hijab. Fostered son and it was going to be written in the quran but mohammed died sahih el bukhari. Aisha did suckle him. Mohammed said it to her

11 wives to men including baby wives, decapitations, detonations animal torture and now even adult brestfeeding. clearly mohammed was the false prophet that Jesus predicted… These are pagan desert bedouin cults. :laughing::laughing:

#1 he didn’t abolish adoption. He actually adopted 2 kids himself. But you can’t give your adopted child your last name as you also shouldn’t take away their real identity/ last name.
#2 through milk kinship you become close to the adoptive family but this can’t be done after the child is over the age of two. Milk kinship in islam can be done through just mother feeding the child for one day and night. (Let’s not forget Moses was nursed by Pharoah’s daughter) this case the child now also has inherent equal part of the family estate as his other siblings.
#3 adopted parents can always leave inheritance to the adopted child even if he/she was not nursed by his adopted mother…

sam shamoun looked totally different back then. I mistook him for someone else.

If there’s a bad thing they say fabrication

This is not true & very misleading. Please go do your homework

Oh people
How can you lie
You said Sahi Muslim
Give the ref
If you are truthful
You can only blame and curse.
Woe to the evil doers
Do not blaspheme any religion
Follow nt your foolishness.
How can you lie
Bring your proof ,give the ref.
Don’t just say Sahi Bukhari

With cereal or without?

Well funded by the land thieves westerners to Israelis to discredit and demonise Muslims using and misusing the Quran

Do you the most of the way of Prophets life was recorded by his wife ?Do you know Islam has given highest honour for women
1.Heaven Lies at the Feed of your mother

2.Most Important Person in the world is Mother

3.Upbringing 2 daughters in a righteous manner will be path to Heaven

4.Live with your wife In Kindness

5.In Islam dowry is paid direct to the wife never will a man accept dowry as it is not permitted but giving to your wife is compulsory

allah is a prostitute

You can’t braasfeed just like that, if you don’t have a baby your breast doesn’t produce milk, so it’s basically nipple-suckling not breastfeeding

Can someone David or anyone explain how the bible says that the day and night were created on the 3rd day and the sun was created on the 4th so how can there be day and night without the sun



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يسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله عليه صلوات الله وسلامه
The Hadith of eating The Quran is not authentic because this sentence is odd from a narrator Mohamed Ibn Isaaq
because the truthful hadith must not have oddness in hadith that means the narrator must not contradict narrators sounder than him and more than him moreover he is weak
moreover Mohamed Ibn Isaaq is weak
see Dr Fadil Soliman in youtube to speak about breatfeeding the

if you really search the truth