The Quran's Test of Divine Inspiration

According to Qur’an 4:82, if the Qur’an were from anyone other than Allah, it would contain “much discrepancy” (errors or contradictions). There are three problems with this test of divine inspiration. First, why “much” discrepancy? Is the Qur’an saying that “some” error is okay? Second, if this verse is correct, ANY book that doesn’t contain “much discrepancy” is the divinely inspired Word of God! So any math books or other books that do not contain “much error” are, according to this verse, Allah’s divinely inspired Word! Third, the Qur’an does contain “much discrepancy,” so it fails its own test!

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Hi dear brother David, it has been said in our HOLY BIBLE, that the earth is like a Ball… that you can tell the muslim viewers that THE HOLY BIBLE is the only BOOK that says the truth and scientific facts in advance… let the muslim viewers read the HOLY BIBLE too… let them understand what’s true and what’s false by themselves…

Stupid man made Quran. Islam is Mohammad made religion.

fyi just because it says you’ll find “much” contradictions, it doesn’t exclude a few contradictions, “a few” is included in much. if there were 50 sprinkles on an ice cream cone, since 4 or 5 of the sprinkles are included in those 50, a few is included in much. this argument is so flawed it makes my brain hurt

It’s David Wood???ahahahhhah i actually almost watched this video…ahahhaahha the guy who researched islam for 20 years and came with non sahi hadiths to debate Mohammad Hijab?ahahhahaha man delete this video… this is not even funny! Every single question of his was answered! And still he makes video where he keeps asking the same question…do people really don’t see this stuff?am i the only one? Just do research! Truth won’t stop existing if you close your eyes! God does not need you…its you who need Him! The only good one was about the fly…and guess what?! It confirmed!

May Allah guide you brothers and sisters…


Oh ladyboy it is time to talk that your Jesus married a prostitute Rev 21:9.

Oh, Lady boy the bible test of Satan inspiration. Read 1Peter 3:18-20. That your god of gods and king of kings went to hell to teach in hell.

You can’t doubt the Quran!
Or your not submitting to the will of Allah!

Lol they make me laugh… Bunch of clowns… Read the Quran man, or leave to people of knowledge , stop spreading false ideas n interpretations… It will only lead your followers to the truth… I hope all of u revert to your original faith, n submit ur will to ur God and stop worshiping saytan, and a man… God beyond having a son…

Bro David, there’s reference in the Holy Bible that the sun is also traveling around the Milky way galaxy… from India…

Thank you Bro. David… May Lord Jesus bless you, your family and your ministries abundantly…

Ya ibn al kalb,
Come to the uae and I will give you an actual Quran and then you will stop reading that fake bulllshit from the internet

And yet they castrated so many male slaves over hundreds of years???

It turns out my friends that there is much historical scientific, cultural and historical documented proof of the so called"flat plane" (earth) cosmology if you are willing to do the research. But it has all been kept hidden from us by the mainstream educational establishment. Due your due diligence on this my friends.

It’s not semen , it’s the human “baby”.
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The word "Sotihat " means spread out not flattened in 88:20 .
Failed again , try harder .
And it doesn’t say find many connection, it says find 1 or many .
And ur website all of the 100s are miss quotations and understanding.
Like I said , try harder.