The radicalization of adam saleh

Ali Dawah has successfully radicalized YouTube sensation Adam Saleh, who now supports the death penalty for apostates. Adam will now be leading his “Adoomy Gang” on a campaign against ex-Muslims, beginning with the Apostate Prophet. David Wood discusses the issue.

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The Muslim playboy Adam Saleh is trying to grow his Muslim audience by pretending to be a righteous believer. By associating himself with dimwits like Dawahman, Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah he’s going to end up alienating his existing audience. He’s now in the position of having to defend shariah law despite not following it himself. Wants to have his cake and eat it too. We see what you are doing Adam :eyes:

it is heartbreaking to see a pranker who smiles a lot … to realize he supports death penalties for apostasy

Wait “om telolit om” is not even arabic. Haha.

Ok so what i want to know is are yall trying to make me not like hem nomore i love hem so PEREOD. And i dont care what you say soo bye

broooo, 2:24 Hit my soul, thats like something I wanted to say but its always at the tip of my tongue

It’s salah “ sa h lai “ is how you pronounce it.

If Adam was bad, wait till we get Ali Dawah collaborating with rather than reacting to Yousef Saleh Erakat(FouseyTube). He has done some questionable things over the years as an internet superstar. Please look into him and give us your thoughts, Dr. Wood. God bless.

This guy really speaking no facts but full of lies…my curse is on u…if I see u out on the streets I will fok u up, not because u r a christian but because u r still attacking Islam and muslim knowing the truth…u r spreading lies after lies, twisting their words…u have no facts what so ever which includes no lies.

Adam is :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

Muslims have nothing against Christians we believe and love prophet in Jesus

Wow Ex Muslims will be executed y isn’t the UN doing anything about this ??! UN is a fraud after all

Hate the guy for what he does…not the religion my G
Wdym Adam was gonna join ISIS…just cuz he said AllahuAkbar…that’s y

Islam is going the way of the dinosaurs, not fast enough for me!

spoilt little rich kid keen to show how tough he is. go back to daddy!

Adam Saleh is a terrible person and a radical muslim. He is getting more radical by the day. His muslim audience loves his islamic radicalization.

Everyone of these Abdools look like a fried fuirt-cake.

I remember this dude, he’s a loser.

Only Satan allows to do anything in the name of religion.

Umm talele umm… I remember that episode.