The Ramadan Apostate Marathon!

Muslims are leaving Islam at an unprecedented rate, especially during Ramadan. Yet very few Muslims have been exposed to the facts about Muhammad. What will happen when the disturbing facts about Muhammad become common knowledge? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) discusses the issue.

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Who wants to join the club? :grinning:

I used to be a Kurdish - Egyptian moderate muslim from a strict islamic family. I watched your videos, David Wood, and I used to hate you at first. I used to think you were lying about what you said, but then I checked the sources and found they were true. How can an evil man who killed innocent jews, pagans, zorastrians, christians and other non muslims be called “the greatest and kindest man to live”? Then I thought to myself “Muhammed is like hitler.” I started doubting islam in 2018 and asked my sheikhs and imams about the evil and terrible things Muhammed said and did, and they spoke no word. In 2019 I left islam and converted to
paganism. I’m currently an agnostic pagan (I don’t really pray but I believe in many deities and don’t go to temples).I always watch your videos and I hope to become an ex muslim activist.

Piss be upon Him :joy::joy::joy::fire: Lol

Well done David, our God is with you… All praises to Him who protect you all the way!.:latin_cross::pray:

David Wood
I declare more knowledge and wisdom upon your life.
God blessssss you to destroy the the kingdom of satan

God bless you David from Albania :albania::heart::latin_cross::pray::heart_eyes:

Pls just stop u have no knowledge of Islam may allah put u on the right path and Jesus is no lord he is prophet and don’t try to convince me to becoming ex Muslim like Muslim no ur gf or sum shit explain how Jesus is lord or god as u call it ur just lost and u have no proof prophet Mohammad was a bad person he was the Purist person on earth

Truth will always be revealed💫and Jesus is working in people’s hearts

If only David were my English teacher, I would have learnt English without being afraid of my bad grammar.

Get a real job man get a life :joy:

The false prophet Muhammed. May your rib cage semen never be burned off of your body by hell’s flames.

Thought he must be working for Israel! :joy:
The Israelis are also, slowly, turning to Jesus. Check out One For Israel.

Ex-Muslims are one step closer to Jesus !!!

God bless you david

Son of bitch wood

Amazing video. It brings me great joy to see all those lost souls coming home to Jesus!

Are their any Morrocan Christians here. I am planning on moving there in 2 years to preach the gospel.

awesome job, David! Welcome all ex-muslims! Jesus loves you!

Thank you David and AP! God bless you both