The Religion of Peace Polka! (Featuring Keyboard Jihadis!)

Suitably slew :raised_hands::raised_hands::statue_of_liberty:

Wow guys let’s join this religion of peace Allah Akbar!!!

proof is in the pudding

i see Christianity religion is full of hatred no wonder your religion is declining everyday

Excellent job brother Wood. God bless you. Do it with the Word of God!

This type of video would work better with the theme song from the Benny Hill Show.

Hey David when are you not a Muslim ANYMORE and when ARE you a Christian thx


God bless you, David

Oddly enough I find more angry comments about you on other channels than I do here.


“LOL! Perfect summary of the message of Islam!”

Ban Islam!
Islam is an ideology that approves of hatred, violence and terror against non-Muslims.

I like the music in such videos :slight_smile:

why was that so satisfying?
Praise Jesus Christ; God in Flesh, to the Glory of God The Father and the Holy Spirit Bears Witness in my soul, that these Three are ONE. amen.

Dr. Wood would you kindly make a video on pharoh’s body preservation ? Scientists discovered it around 1898 but how could it be mentioned in Quran 1400 years ago ? I am very much confused about it.

nice David… I.salute u for all thw answers… hikmat Tuhan Yesus ada pada anda…
salam dari Indonesia. Gbu.

they sure know how to use a lot of foul language . How do they justify this.???

The music was the best part. XD

Such a peaceful religion to be threatening to kill someone like that

David is so obssessed with cupcakes.:birthday: